Important Things You Must Know Before Adopting A Corgi


If you are planning to adopt a small dog breed that is playful, intelligent, and easy to maintain, Corgis turns out to be the best choice.

These dogs are very loyal to their owner, filled with cuteness, and are very intelligent. Even more, their cuteness and ability to perform have made them popular in dog shows worldwide.

The breed originated in Wales, and they were initially bred for cattle herding.

Many people even adopt a corgi to enter sporting events or dog shows.

Even the queen of England has two corgis that show how liked these dogs are worldwide.

It is hard to look at a Corgi and not want to adopt one. So, if you are planning to adopt a corgi, you must have questions regarding corgi tail docking, exercise requirements, grooming, temperament, etc.




So, here are some essential things you must know about Corgis before adopting one.


1. The need for tail docking

If you look online, most of the corgis have their tails docked, and there are hardly any photos where their tails are visible.

Tail docking is a controversial topic, and many people abstain from it. But, you must understand the primary reasons why it is still relevant.

Firstly, Corgi tail docking is done to keep the dog hygienic, prevent injuries while hunting or herding and adhere to AKC norms.

However, it is recommended to stray away from docking unless you plan to enter your dog into dog shows because tail docking for corgis is more of a historical tradition followed to prevent injuries when bred for hunting.

So, if you want to dock your corgi tails, it is best to consult with a veterinarian to determine whether it is necessary.


2. They have high energy levels.

These dogs are herd dogs, making them habitual to open spaces. But these dogs also make up for exceptional indoor dogs, as they can enjoy themselves playing indoors.

It is essential to take them for a long walk at least once a day, or else they might indulge in destructive behavior.


3. They are heavy shedders.

Corgis have a thick double coat which makes them heavy shedders. Unlike other dogs that shed seasonally, Corgis often shed hair. You must be ready to have their hair strands all over your black clothes and couches.

So, you must follow a strict grooming routine to restrict shedding.

Besides getting a trim, you must use a brush to remove the loose hair strands on the upper coat. Removing these loose hair strands also helps in regulating their body temperatures.

So, you must follow a strict and regular brushing, trimming, and bathing schedule for your corgi to reduce the number of hair strands falling around.


4. Highly trainable.

Owing to their intelligence and the fact that they were herding dogs, Corgis are very easy to train. These dogs are always up for a challenge, and pet parents must ensure that Corgis are mentally stimulated, or else they will get bored.

You will be surprised to know that they are the eleventh most intelligent dog breed in the world, leaving behind other herd dogs.

While these dogs are easy to train, you must be very patient since they have a reputation for being bossy.

It is best to start training and socializing with them from an early age. A dog needs to socialize as it teaches them how to behave with other dogs and humans.

Putting them in social situations will help them pick up social cues and make them comfortable around other people and dogs.

However, when you have an incredibly intelligent pup like corgi at home, you must be ready to keep them occupied or stimulated most of the time. For instance, you might have to invest more time with your corgi than with your bulldog.


5. Corgis are vocal

Corgis like to express themselves and will not miss out on an opportunity to bark. These dogs will bark whenever they are happy, sad, excited, or want to communicate something.

You will be surprised to hear your Corgi bark as they are much louder than you would expect. Considering their petite size, corgis have a loud bark, making them a great watchdog.

However, sometimes their barking could become excessive at some point. It is possible that your Corgi might start barking at the slightest of sounds.

But, proper training can help manage their excessive barking to a great extent, or you can teach them commands to stay quiet whenever you think they are barking excessively.

So, it is best to teach them a command to stay quiet whenever they start barking excessively.


6. They are not lap dogs.

While they are perfectly sized to be a lapdog, these dogs do not like to laze around on their master’s lap as they are very active and like to run all around the place.

They will constantly be on the lookout at the door or patrol the house rather than sitting on your lap.

Corgis are highly energetic and need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them occupied. An adult Corgi requires around one hour of moderate to intense exercise or play each day.

So, if you are someone who will leave their dogs at home for a few hours in a day, then it is best to invest in some good quality toys for your Corgi to keep themselves occupied.

However, they will be happier if they are involved in any activity with their masters.

So, if you are looking for a lapdog, you must not consider getting a corgi.


7. They do not do well in hot weather conditions.

Corgis have a double coat which makes them prone to heat strokes. If the temperature starts soaring, it is better to provide your Corgi with ample water. Moreover, you should not take them out for long walks during the afternoon.

Also, trimming their coat can help to protect them from the heat.

These are some things that you need to know about Corgis before adopting one. They can be a little bundle of joy if you take good care of them, keep them active, and cherish them with love.

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