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7 Facts That Will Make You Love Bernedoodles

In the world of dog lovers, mix-breed dogs are gaining popularity day by day.

For more than a decade, many dog breeders have been pioneering the production of mix-breeds and helping dog lovers to get their desired pet with fewer cons than we usually see on normal breeds.

Among the mixed breeds currently widely available in the market, Bernedoodles are on the top of the desired pet list of many people. Bernedoodles is a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle.


bernese mountain dog


We all love the Bernese mountain dog for its loyalty and solidness. On the other hand, people are pretty much fond of the goofiness of poodles.

As these individuals breeds have some problem raising it. So, in order to get rid of it, this mixed-breed has come out as an ideal combination of adorability and loyalty.  

The origin of this sort of mixed breed is not that long ago. It was in 2003 when a breeder called Sherry Rupke first bred Bernedoodles in Canada.

As this breed’s popularity rose higher, all around the world breeders started to breed these mixed breeds. Central Illinois doodles are such breeders who have a good reputation in the market.  

So, you may wonder why I am talking about many bernedoodles. It is because if you think about getting a  new member of your family then you can consider the lovely bernedoodles. Let’s share some interesting facts about bernedoodles that will make you fall in love with are these dogs



1. Bona Fide Breed

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a great sense of socializing. It loves to spend time with people and it’s very adorable. But the problem is it has a short life span. On the other hand,  poodles have a better life span.

But poodles have a problem being sensitive and tough to socialize. And the good news is Bernedoodles has got the best of those dog breeds with a better life span and easier to socialize.

2. Non-shedding

Bernedoodles are very low on non-shedding. So, people with allergies to dog shedding will not be bothered by this type of dog breed. In fact. Poodles may create allergies for some people but bernedoodles don’t have that so you can adapt it despite you having allergy problems.

3. Every bernedoodles are unique in look

You will find any of the bernedoodles with the same look or two bernedoodles will not be identical. This is great quality indeed. Yours one will be different from all others and only to yourself. That’s when you can call it one and only for me. 

4. Utterly Playful & Goofy

You will have so many dog breeds in the market that are playful. But the playfulness of bernedoodles is on the next level as it looks different from others.

Being the cross of one of the two goofiest dogs on the planet, it seems these dogs have got the goofiness in full.  So, spending quality time with your pet is gonna be lovely. 

5. Intelligent one is in your house 

As we all know that Poodle is considered a very intelligent type of dog. Bernedoodles has got that quality in them. Being playful, they are also very intelligent as well. So, we all love intelligent dogs and share their intelligence on social media. 

6. Choose among a variety of Bernedoodles

There are various types of Bernedoodles such as:

F1: Cross between Bernese mountain dog and a poodle

F1B: Cross between Bernedoodle and a poodle

F2: Two bernedoodles bred together 

F2B: F1 and F1B dogs bred together.

So, as there are various types of these dogs, and nature of these vary. So that you have a lot of choice options to get one for you.    

7. Has decent Energy levels

It is important to have an energetic pet as sluggish dogs are hard to raise. Bernedoodles have medium energy levels.

So, you can train it pretty much and take on walks and play games with it and it will respond pretty well unlike some dogs that are not so much responsive. 


Bottom Line

So, that was all about bernedoodles. Dogs that are playful, intelligent, and have a better life span. The perfect type of dog to be your companion.

I hope you love these interesting facts about Bernedoodles. If you have any confusion about these, I hope that will be gone now.

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