How To Choose The Right Dog Bed

How To Choose The Right Dog Bed

Choosing the right dog bed can be a daunting task, especially if you are a new dog owner.

You need to consider different things to ensure that you get the best and most appropriate one for your dog. Doing so will not only save you money in the long run but make man’s best friend comfortable.


How To Choose The Right Dog Bed


Why does your dog need a dog bed?

Personal space

Just the way you would want your own space is the same way a dog needs. Having a bed that they can retreat to will make them feel safe and loved.

It will also help you maintain your home neat since the dog doesn’t have to scratch your nice furniture any time they want to snuggle up. They will feel at home and have a sense of belonging in that homestead.


Even though you may regularly clean your home, it is still not safe for your dog to snuggle and sleep anywhere. Having a comfortable bed for your puppy will ensure that their place of retreat is clean and safe for them.

If they mess it up, you can choose a dog bed with an easy-to-clean material.

Promotes comfort and health

Like human beings, dogs need more attention when they grow older or are sick. Having a bed will help them sleep better since you can get orthopedic dog beds.

This will be ideal if your dog is suffering from ailments like arthritis. Such beds will ease their body discomforts greatly.

How to choose a dog bed?

Choosing a good dog bed is very important. It should be able to meet the needs of the dog effortlessly. Some of the factors to look out for when out purchasing a dog bed is:


It is important to remember that most dogs love to chew. Some of the reasons they do that include boredom, hunger, sharpening their jaws, or even stress.

Teething can also be a cause of them gnawing on the bed. Choose materials that are solid and long-lasting.

Also, choose something firm and not wobbly so your dog can settle in comfortably.

Ease of cleaning

You should consider buying a dog bed with removable fabric. This will help when you need to clean the dog bed. You can remove and throw it in the washing machine for a spin and voila!

A clean place for your dog to sleep always.

Choose the right size

You don’t want to invest in a bed which is way too small for your dog. Your dog’s legs should not be hitting the floor when they are sleeping. It is uncomfortable and does not give them enough joy when resting.

On the other hand, a dog bed big for your dog does not make them feel snuggled. Always ask the seller to recommend the right-sized bed which fits your dog perfectly.

Great-quality material

Some dogs deal with the issue of anxiety which leads to them chewing on anything that comes their way. When buying a bed, always consider your dog’s behaviors and how they react in aggressive situations.

Try investing in beds with a memory foam material that is soft enough to snuggle. An extra protective lining is also necessary so that your dog does not ruin the ned by chewing.


What size of dog bed should I choose?

The dog bed size can vary depending on how big the dog is. To be accurate about the size of your furry friend, you should measure the dog from the head to the tail. If you’re not sure how to do it, have look at this article from Wiki How.

Doing so will help you to get the right size of the dog bed.

When measuring the dog, it should be standing straight with the tail upward. This will give an accurate measurement when getting the dog bed.

The dog should be able to stretch on the dog bed without feeling restricted in any way. Where it is placed can also be a factor to consider. If there is a specific nook where you want to have the dog bed, you could also consider its measurements. As long as the dog fits in the bed without being constrained, you can consider that measurement. Remember the place needs to be bigger than the dog for this to work.

What type of dog bed should I choose?

There are different dog beds in the market to choose from. Some of the varieties are as follows:

  • Rectangle dog beds: Also known as pillow-style dog beds. These types of beds are great for canine friends who enjoy occupying their space from toe to toe.
  • Bolster dog beds: If your dog loves to nestle and lounge, consider getting a bolster bed. The couch arm-like shape is excellent for supporting them when they prop up their heads.
  • A cave-like dog beds: These types of beds are best for dogs that like to sleep mostly under a pile of laundry. It gives them the feeling of having dug deep in the ground for their safe space.
  • Round or circular beds: These are perfect for dogs that always find themselves in a curled-up position. However, you should note that the overall bed should be large enough for the dog to stretch itself out if it wishes to.

How to make your dog’s bed snuggly?

To make your dog’s bed snuggly, you can do the following:

  • Add pillows on all the sides to make the bed cozy and snuggly.
  • Keep the bed in front of a heater to keep it warm.
  • Put your dog’s favorite toys in the bed so that they can play in it.
  • Use aromatic wood chips to absorb the nasty dog odor.



Any dog owner should get a dog bed for their beloved dog. Like any other family member, their health, safety, and comfort are paramount.

Once they have a good bed to sleep on, you will notice their overall health improvement. Most dogs play a huge role in people’s lives hence the need for them to live well.

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