10 Docile Dog Breeds To Consider Adopting

Docile Dog Breeds

Adopting a dog is a huge commitment; that’s why it’s crucial to choose a companion that is compatible with you and your lifestyle.

If you have children, live in a small space, or have limited mobility, a hunting dog that’s raring to run is not ideal. Other people prefer a pup with a more docile demeanor.

Whatever your reason, there are plenty of options for laid-back breeds. Check out five of them. 

Docile Dog Breeds


1. Irish Wolfhound

While the Irish wolfhound was bred to be a hunting dog and once used in battle, this breed makes a sweet and sensitive family pet.

While they are one of the calmest dog breeds in demeanor, they will still need plenty of room to stretch their legs and regular time for rigorous activity.

If you are currently in the small living space scenario, this breed is not for you, but if you have plenty of space and are looking for a pet that will be great with your little people, this one is perfect. 


2. French Bulldog

A French bulldog is an excellent option if you are an apartment dweller. They are affectionate and terrific with kids. If you need a guard dog, a Frenchie isn’t it, because they are just too friendly.

One caveat is that they don’t tolerate extreme temperatures well. Their short coat doesn’t keep them as warm, and their short snout makes it difficult to pant, which is how dogs cool themselves.

However, if you live in a more temperate region, this breed is worth exploring.

3. Saint Bernard

Another big breed, Saint Bernard isn’t suited for small spaces. However, if you have the room, these pups make the most pleasant playmates around, as long as you can deal with the drool.

In addition to the slobber, these fluffy friends also shed a lot, so they need plenty of grooming and TLC. Another thing to consider is that they pack on the pounds relatively easily, so you will need to keep a close on their nutrition intake.

However, if you have the time to nurture your pet, you will be repaid in love and loyalty. 

4. Clumber Spaniel

The mid-sized Clumber is the biggest of the spaniels but still makes a great pet even in an apartment. Calm and cuddly, they make a fine family friend. However, they bond strongly with their people and don’t do well alone for long periods.

If you live alone and leave for work every day, you should seek a more independent pooch.

5. Basset Hound

This breed is well suited for apartment living. Laidback and loving, they are family-friendly pets. They are not suitable as work dogs. Basset bounds are relatively difficult to train, and their friendly nature makes them a poor choice of a guard dog.

Like Saint Bernard, they also need some extra grooming attention, and they gain weight even more readily. However, if you keep your Basset hound healthy with adequate activity and a moderate diet, you will have a buddy for many years. 

People have many different living situations and individualized needs, but with so many dog breeds out there, chances are you’ll find your perfect match.

6. Golden Retriever

It is very hard to talk about gentle dogs without mentioning golden retrievers. These dogs are incredibly fit for anyone’s home. They are obedient, devoted, friendly, and highly intelligent.


We often see golden retrievers used for guide services and as rescue dogs.

They are very good leaders and can so easily grab literally anything with their teeth while being incredibly gentle. This alone makes the breed perfect for families with younger children.

7. Labrador Retriever

These dogs are categorized as energetic, gentle, intelligent, and friendly. This is why they are right now the most popular breed in America.


They are great when you want to have someone to play with without getting tired or cranky. You often see them recommended for families that have more energetic kids but they are also perfect for people looking for a patient, active companions.


While Labradors are exuberant and athletic, they are easygoing and very patient. These dogs love to please you and their smile is always iconic.

8. Irish Setter

The Irish setter is energetic and playful. They are known to love company, are affectionate, really gentle with children, obedient, smart, and will play with you for a long time.


You will rarely see the dog tired or ill-tempered and you will surely love the fact that the breed is renowned for being easy to train. While energy never disappears with them, it is the very kind temperament that stands out.


Sometimes Irish setters are quite rambunctious. However, they do respond incredibly well to training and gentle guidance.


Just remember that the dog breed is also known to be prone to developing separation anxiety as they create a very strong bond with families.

9. Collie

The collie dog breed is renowned for its gentle and sweet personality. These are sensitive and clever dogs. They are very easy to train but you should take into account that they are often very stubborn.


When you have a smaller child in the home, the collie should be guided since the breed is a herding one. However, it is not at all difficult to teach the dog anything you want. Several types of collies exist and they are all very gentle and loving.

10. Beagle

It is a well-known fact that beagles are not great guard dogs. This is because they have a really friendly disposition. They love the company and are rarely aggressive, which is why they are very good as a companion for adults and children.


However, it is worth mentioning the fact that beagles are very curious. They can easily end up in trouble because of this. Even so, most of the things they end up doing are not destructive, they are entertaining.


And if you do not mind the occasional stubborn outburst, you will surely love beagles and they are going to simply adore you if you show them, love.

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