Dog Resorts 101: 6 Benefits

dog resorts

There are some places where you can’t bring your dogs with you.

Whether you’re on a honeymoon, a business trip, or a family vacation, you may have to leave your canine companion at home.

However, most pets, like dogs, require continuous care, and if you have no one to look after them in your home, then it can be a huge problem. This is where dog resorts come to the rescue.

Typically, dog resorts refer to boarding facilities that offer high-end grooming services and high-end amenities to make dogs feel like they’re at home. 

So, if you’ll be out of town for a few days or weeks, below are the six benefits of placing your furry friend in a dog resort.


dog resorts

• They’re Safe For Your Pet

When you put your pet in a dog resort, you can guarantee their safety from the time you leave them there until you come back home.

In most cases, dog resorts offer services such as suites and private accommodations that can help reduce the risk of injuries and keep them from feeling threatened. 

In addition, placing your dog in a dog resort can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that they’re safe and they can rest comfortably throughout their stay.

Also, the facilities are also secure at all times since no unauthorized personnel can enter the premises. 

Thus, if you’re worried about your dog’s safety while you’re away, you may consider looking for a boarding facility online. To begin with, you can type in ‘dog hotel near me‘ in the search tab to generate more local results, making your search much easier and faster. 

• They Supervise Them Properly

Being away from home means you can’t supervise your furry companion and give them the attention and love they need from you. This is how dog resorts become beneficial for your situation.

By bringing your dog to these facilities, you can rest, knowing they get supervised at all times. 

All the staff working there are expected to be skilled in managing packs of dogs without compromising their welfare. They understand dog language and how to handle different dog behaviors.

Moreover, they’re also well-trained in providing their needs from time to time, including the grooming they deserve.  

• They Keep Them Healthy And Free From Injuries

Another benefit you can gain when you decide to bring your pet to dog resorts is that they can keep them healthy at all times. Typically, most of these facilities require that all dogs are vaccinated before they can stay there. 

Hence, if your canine friend hasn’t been vaccinated yet, boarding them there means they get vaccinated against rabies virus, and other specialized vaccinations necessary for certain dog breeds.

Remember, proper vaccination of your pet can help minimize their risk of sustaining injuries, thereby keeping them healthy during their stay. 

• They Provide Proper Nutrition 

Pooches admitted in dog resorts are provided with adequate water and proper nutrition. The people working in these facilities are trained at ensuring that the pets there receive delicious meals during their stay. 

For instance, if your pet has existing allergies and other medical conditions, they’ll keep them into account and provide special food instead.

Also, another good thing about dog resorts is that they feed the dogs under their supervision on a regular schedule, based on their nutritional needs. Lastly, they make sure that all pets have a sufficient supply of water to help them stay hydrated all the time. 

• They Offer Lots Of Activities

In addition to love, care, and attention, pets can also enjoy a lot of activities during their stay in dog resorts.

Most boarding facilities offer both indoor and outdoor toys/activities, such as benches, wading pools, bridges, and a lot more to keep them fully stimulated and engaged. Doing these activities can also help them get the exercise they need each day. 

On the other hand, enjoying lots of these activities allows your pet to interact with other dogs in the facility. This can be a great way of providing socialization and companionship to your canine friend who may be prone to separation anxiety or boredom. 

• They Help Maintain A Daily Routine

Just like other pets, dogs are animals of habit, which is why they like to have a routine every day. But, if you’ll be out of town for a few ways, you may not be able to maintain a routine of walks and playtime for your furry companion. This makes boarding your pet in dog resorts very beneficial. 

When you leave them in the facility, you can guarantee that the staff will provide them with a regular routine necessary for their health and wellbeing. 

Important Considerations To Remember Before Taking Them To A Dog Resort

By now, you already know the benefits of taking your dog to a great boarding facility. However, no dog will certainly like the idea of its owner leaving them. Your pet pooch will get sad and lonely when you leave them for a few days or weeks. 

Thus, to make the process of boarding them to a dog resort more seamless and smoother, it’s important to bring them to the place before the schedule of leaving them.

By doing this, you can help ease their sadness by getting them accustomed to their new home while you’re away. Also, it’ll make your leaving day more bearable for your pet. 

Furthermore, you should also make sure your dog has up-to-date vaccination shots before taking them to the facility. Talk to your vet and check if your canine friend is ready for boarding. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, dog resorts can be an excellent place for your dog in times of your absence. When you’ll be out of town for a long time, letting them stay in this kind of facility provides you with peace of mind, knowing your pet is safe, secure, and well taken care of throughout their stay. 

Therefore, to ensure you’re making the right decision for your furry friend, keep in mind the benefits listed above, and you’ll be more confident to leave them temporarily and come back to find they enjoyed their mini vacation as much as you did.

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