Dr Bill’s Pet Infirmary – Brandt Veterinary Services

Dr Bill’s Pet Infirmary - Brandt Veterinary Services

Located in Midlothian, Virginia, Dr. Bill’s Pet Infirmary, now known as Brandt Veterinary Services, is composed of a tight-knit, friendly, and highly educated cast of veterinarians and pet specialists. This is one animal hospital you can trust with the pet clinic holding a 4.6 out of 5 stars on topvet.net.


Address 6901 Chital Dr Midlothian, VA, 23112-7625 United States
Phone (804) 739-7892
Website www.brandtvetservices.com
Year Started 1996
Incorporated 1994
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri (7.30-19.00) & Fri (9.00-12.00)
Employees 7
Bill Pecoraro
Veterinary Assistant Office Manager
Jennifer Stevens
Veterinary Assistant Receptionist
Jessica Blackstock
Licensed Veterinary Technician
Kristin Wallace


Brandt Veterinary and Dr. Bill’s veterinary services include dental, surgery, and a shop, along with other traditional pet hospice care services that you would expect with an experienced animal hospital. Started by Dr. Bill Pecoraro nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Bill’s vet is touted for their high-quality service at prices pet parents can afford.


Brandt Veterinary Services
Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/brandtveterinaryservices


In May 2021, Dr. Bill’s Infirmary announced they had started their transition into becoming Brandt Veterinary Services upon news that Dr. Bill was officially retiring. The pet hospital is now under Dr. Steve Brandt, who worked closely with Dr. Bill for years. Fans of Dr. Bill welcomed the news with open arms, with many congratulating Dr. Bill on his retirement while praising his decision to have Dr. Steve carry the torch for him.


Dr Bill’s Pet Infirmary
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Reviews On Dr. Bill’s Pet Infirmary

“For an annual visit, Dr. Bill was extremely thorough, answered ALL my questions (I had a list, pictures and a video clip of my dog doing what we now know is a reverse sneeze), and he even diagnosed a tiny little bump as a mass cell tumor, something that we had been reassured from our previous vet was “nothing to worry about”. Of course my heart sank with that news, but Dr. Bill calmly explained everything we needed to do, answered even more of my questions, and was even able to schedule us for surgery in the SAME week to get it taken care of right away. Our surgery experience was phenomenal! “ – Melissa H.


“We think the world of our vet! On Christmas Eve, when our golden doodle puppy ate a sock and had to have emergency surgery, Dr. Bill braved a snowstorm to save our girl. It’s been a good payoff because we now have a zoo. 3 dogs and 3 cats later, we have seen every vet there and all have been wonderful to us.” – Carol G.


“Staff is helpful, vets are knowledgeable & caring. Prices are reasonable. We’ve Seen Dr. Steve and Dr. Bill for many, many years. We drive 35 min past many other vets to go there.” – Karen T.


Parting Words

Nearly 30 years in veterinary pet care, loved and adored by the locals, and with barkingly good reviews to boot, Brandt Veterinary Services, formally Dr. Bill’s Pet Infirmary, is a shining example of an animal hospital to look up to.




Mekelle Lofton
Dorothy Milner
I liked all the staff and the doctor very much. it was a good visit, but I paid for flea meds and got to talking to the girl at the counter and forgot about it. Got home and all I have is the bill and the shot information. Called and no one could find the package so I am out $77 and will have to purchase elsewhere. I know that this is my fault for not paying attention but I am disappointed in their response.
Connie Masi
Dr. Steve is by far the BEST vet in the area! He always takes his time with our dog and is very kind and compassionate! The staff is very friendly. We love him!! ❤
Casey Tebo
Just moved here and was looking for a Vet for my older dog and two new puppies. Everyone here was super nice and great with both the old and new. They were very thorough and very affordable. Plan to continue using their services.

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