Giving Your Pup The Fur-Ever Care It Needs: An Essential Guide

Giving Your Pup The Fur-Ever Care It Needs

So your planning on adding a new member to the family and getting a dog, any addition to the family is a beautiful thing, but nothing compares to getting a new puppy.

They are called man’s best friends because that is what they are. For a new dog, you are their world, and that means seeing to their needs and giving them a complete life of love and care. But what exactly does that entail, and are you ready to take on the responsibility?

Adding a puppy to the family is like adding a new child, and you need to be prepared to give them the care they need throughout their lifetime. With life spans from 10 to 20 years, taking on a dog is a responsibility that will last, so here is the quintessential guide to ensure you can give your pup the fur-ever care it will require.


Giving Your Pup The Fur-Ever Care It Needs


1.  Training

All dogs will require training to begin with, as they start as puppies in a new home, unsure of what they can chew, where they can go to the bathroom, and learning the ins and outs of basic commands. Depending on the breed of dog you get, you may need specialized training, so it is important to consider this when selecting your new pet. Higher energy dogs may be harder to train if they do not have the right environment, and others may require advanced training, depending on the tasks you wish to use them for.


Service dogs will receive different training than simple obedience training, so make sure you are aware of what will be required in the early days with your new addition. From learning to sit, when and when not to bark, and whatever other tasks you may choose to teach them, training will take a lot of time and energy when your new pet first arrives. Making sure you are prepared to handle the training your dog needs is imperative to a successful addition to your family.


2.  Exercise

Exercising your dog will be a very important task that you take on as a fur parent. When selecting your ideal breed of dog you need to take into consideration their energy levels. If you choose a malinois but have limited time to exercise it, then you will find yourself with a dog that is acting out, destroying items in the home, and possibly having behavioral issues. You need a dog that will match your energy level.


Retrievers are incredibly popular dogs, however, they require intense activity to stay out of mischief. Certain dog breeds will not do well with a short walk every day, while others will love to simply lay by your feet and be a couch potato with you all day. Ensuring your dog breed choice matches your energy level, and keeping them well exercised and engaged is part and parcel of caring for your new fur baby and is imperative to having a happy and healthy pup throughout their life.


3.  Grooming

Unless you are purchasing a hairless dog, your new pet will come fully clothed with its fluffy fur. For any breed of dog, there will be a certain amount of grooming required to keep their coat healthy and clean. If you don’t foresee yourself putting a lot of time and attention into grooming, then you will want to get a breed of dog that requires less maintenance. Short-haired dogs will require less grooming than long-haired dogs, and you will want to consider what type of coat your chosen breed has. Do they shed? Do they have an undercoat? Is their breed inclined to have mats or dreads?


If you do not properly groom your dog, they can be left with painful conditions that will affect their longevity, temperament, and overall happiness. Making sure that you can give your pup the proper grooming it needs will keep it happy and healthy forever.


4.  Food

Diet is incredibly important for dogs, as improper diets can lead to myriad health conditions, and lessen the life expectancy of your fur friend. There are many options available for dogs, from raw food diets to custom kibble, you will find yourself drowning in food options for your pet. It is important to remember that what you feed them will affect everything, from the amount of excrement they make to the number of medical problems they will have. The cheapest food for you, while it is best for your pocketbook, might not be best for your pup in the long run.


Ensuring that your dog is getting its nutritional needs met can help you to avoid serious health problems. Portion control is also very important, as no matter how healthy the food is, too much food will leave your animal overweight and in poor condition.


What you feed your dog will affect many aspects of their lives, so make sure that you feed healthy, well-balanced meals, with appropriate portions for your dog’s activity levels will have them leading healthy, happy, and long lives.


5.  Medical Care

Proper medical care throughout your dog’s life is important, and this is an expense you must be ready for as a new dog owner. From vaccines to spay and neuter, to tooth cleaning to regular yearly checkups, medical care is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. There are many things you can do to alleviate vet costs, and there are companies that offer health insurance for animals so that you can easily fulfill this need for your fur family with little financial problems for yourself.


Proper diet and exercise will alleviate many of the medical concerns that you may encounter throughout your pet’s life, however, you must be prepared for unexpected expenses and be willing to maintain a healthy checkup routine for your fur baby.


These are the biggest considerations you will face when giving your pup the care it needs to get through life happily and healthy. With proper diet, exercise, grooming, and medical care, your pup can live a long life by your side, enjoying adventures and making new memories. To give your pup the best fur-ever care, start with these items and a happy pup will follow!

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