How To Make Your Home More Accessible For Senior Dogs

old dog

Unfortunately, no one is exempted from aging; every species and being in this world will gradually get older as time passes; this could be the same for your pet dog. No matter how much you want them to live longer and accompany you in more of your life’s stages, dogs only have limited lifespans, often shorter than humans.


old dog


Thus, if your dog’s best friend is already a senior, you need to make changes in your home to make it more livable and convenient for them. Since they might be experiencing some chronic pain, minor blindness, or memory issues, you need to create a home that can support them in many ways.

Check out these tips for making your home more accessible for an aging dog:

  • Control And Maintain Appropriate Temperature  

A critical aspect of making your senior dog feel comfortable is controlling and maintaining its temperature. The heat and cold can be increasingly uncomfortable for older dogs, just as they are for people. Unlike in the past, your older dog can’t withstand extreme heat and coolness anymore. Even when they used to spend time outside in the summer or winter months, know that this won’t be the case this time and in the coming years.

An excellent way to control temperature is to install an air conditioner in your dog’s room. Change the temperature according to the external elements and conditions too. Also, their breed can attribute to their weather tolerance. A dog with more fluffy hair may require a colder living temperature than those with short hair. Nevertheless, it’s best to seek advice from the vet to determine what temperature is most appropriate for your specific dog.

  • Create An Easier-To-Access Bathroom  

Senior dogs usually suffer from mobility issues, in which they may not be able to walk fast or walk far anymore. Older dogs require more frequent bathroom visits, which can be problematic if they live indoors. Therefore, it’s wise to change the location of their bathroom or implement changes to make it easier for them to access. Another alternative is to take advantage of some large breed custom boxes and pads available if you want to train your dog to use dog litter.

However, if you opt for litter boxes, ensure to displace them in convenient areas where your canine can easily walk into and do their business. They shouldn’t perform any action that can also cause more pain in their joints.

  • Invest In Padded Cushions  

The floor may have served your pet well in her younger years, but in retirement, they’ll probably want an upgrade. Don’t make them suffer longer by allowing them to sleep on hard surfaces. It’s time to make use of good money by buying padded cushions for your fur pet. The floor surfaces can be too warm or too cold for your dog, and so at this point, your dog should have padded bedding to protect them from those uncomfortable surfaces.

It’s time to spruce up your dog’s bedroom. Add a few extra blankets or a heating pad to your pet’s bed in winter to create a cozy retreat. Bundle them up when they’re feeling cold, and slip on some comfortable sweater tops for added protection.

  • Acquire Mobility Supports   

Sadly, your dog will experience similar joint pains to humans. A dog’s body develops aches and pains with age, which may affect its mobility. Several orthopedic and neurological conditions, such as arthritis in dogs, can contribute to the loss of mobility in an older dog. It’ll also help gather additional info about viable treatments if your dog has issues with mobility. When this happens, it’s crucial to be a responsible and sensitive pet parent by installing mobility supports like the following:

  • Dog Ramp  

This mobility solution is excellent when your senior dog can no longer use the stairs. Stairs require them to put in a lot of effort, anyway. A ramp is much easier for them to glide into. Like the stair’s surfaces, ensure that the ramp also comes with a non-slip surface. Dog ramps can be purchased and installed by the pet shop upon your request. Choosing a sturdy one that can accommodate your dog’s weight and size is crucial.

  • Pet-Friendly Stairs 

If your home comes with a second floor, it’s essential to design your stairs in a way where it’s safe and easy for your older dog to go up and down. Make the surfaces anti-slippery and matted. The goal is to ensure they won’t get into accidents when walking on the staircase. And if accidents happen, ensure to know some first-aid tips for pets.

  • Dog Strollers 

Imagine your dog’s younger years and how you used to take them outside in a stroller. Now, use this aid again, but consider getting a bigger one if your dog breed is bigger. Dog strollers can help your dog enjoy fresh air and sunshine without having to force its muscles and bones from walking too long. While your dog needs to continue walking as a form of exercise, the stroller can help them rest and ride it when they’re already tired. When it comes to everyday strolling, four-wheel strollers are a good choice because they’re more stable. Their low profile also makes them suitable for larger dogs because they have a lower center of gravity.

  • Get Rid Of Floor Clutters And Dangerous Objects  

As a pet parent, the last thing you want to happen is to see your dog tumble and fall due to dangerous objects and clutter on the floor. Your dog could be suffering from vision or minor blindness issues. Therefore, it’s harder for them to avoid and escape from dangerous collisions or falls. What you can do is ensure your living room floors are clutter free and spacious enough for them to move easily around.

Also, take care of the sharp corners in your furniture. Check around your living space and make it safer for your dog by adding rubber seals or corner guards on sharp edges. The goal here is to avoid any tripping incidents.


Your elderly dog’s health is depleting day by day. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable circumstance in life.

However, as a pet parent, you can do many good things to make your senior dog enjoy and feel less pain for the rest of her living days.

Your senior dog’s health and wellness can significantly improve with slight improvements to your home. This can not only enhance their overall quality of life but also make them feel more comfortable.

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