How to Keep Giant Dog Breeds Healthy at Every Life Stage: 4 Expert’s Tips to Help You

Giant Dog Breeds

The large dog breeds might seem difficult to handle, but they are not that challenging. Actually, you should know how to handle them.


The gentle giants are like babies, with a strong love for cuddling and sleeping around their human friends. They need very basic things like eating, exercising, and mentally stimulating activities to do.


They just need your love, affection, undying attention, and food at all times. Still, since dogs are no less than your family members, you have to be careful about their well-being.


Giant Dog Breeds


Factors to Keep in Mind for Keeping Your Large Dogs Healthy  


Here we will talk about all the essential aspects of dog keeping that will touch your heart as a dog lover. Remember always that they need you as much as you need them, not for anything else, but for the sake of emotional quotient.


The following four points are applicable for each and every stage of your dog’s life, meaning from puppy to grown-ups, the intensity might change, but these options are all applicable.


  • Providing Sufficient Space 


The big dogs require enough space for their movements. If that is restricted, then their growth is compromised. It takes a toll on their mental health, and that could be reflected in their behavior. So, big dogs deserve big places, but that doesn’t mean that you have to own a palace.


Apartment dwellers can own a big dog, but make sure you don’t clutter the entire house. Some free space will give you something to do creatively for your dogs. Some DIY dog houses or some swings could be a good option.


The space is an important aspect because it can make or break the deal. If possible, assign some specific corners for your pet. There could be some decorations ideal for your pets.


You can also have some barriers placed on the staircase for puppies. That will signify the exclusiveness of the place. While they grow, you can keep that barrier away.


  • Ensure Proper Diet


Big dogs tend to be obese if there is no control over eating. Many dog owners keep on giving food randomly and intermittently, and that harms the dog. It is strongly recommended not to overfeed your dogs because that can increase their weight. And with the growing weight, their hearts and kidneys are at stake.


So, to keep them less bulky, you should always provide them with a sufficient amount of food, not less, not more. For the puppy phase, the diet will be of one type, and when they grow up, you could change the diet.


You shall consider talking to other pet parents and getting to know about their pet’s daily diets. Nowadays, dog foods have all kinds of nutrition, starting from protein.


Sometimes your dogs can be reluctant to eat, but that is not a concern. If your dog has kidney problems or other digestive issues, then certain ingredients are to be avoided.


  • Daily Activities


Training is essential for many reasons that start with health. Not only that, their mood, temper issues, also everything is balanced when they work out. Hence, to prevent the weight gaining tendency, training and activities are important without a doubt.


The thing is, they have a lot of physical energy that needs a channel to flow. Activities and training enable them to use their energy. At the same time, their entire daily regime is streamlined. Moreover, they become agile, happy, and, most importantly, physically and mentally healthy. The exercises that you big dogs could try are


  • Running
  • Fetching
  • Swimming
  • Jumping
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Strolling
  • Training-related activities


When it comes to walking, make sure the dog is on a leash, especially when it is outside any public park. But if it is walking within the territory of your garden or backyard, then you can keep this off the leash.


Another important aspect is the health condition. If your dog is down with any sickness or pregnant, its activity will be different. So, your understanding lies in when to do what is where.


  • Give Quality Time 


Quality time is a good thing to give to your big dog because it is that time of the day when you and the dog can have some unfiltered time. This is the time to bond with each other and get to know each other.


It also entails some genuine mental relaxation for both of you. Just like you have a hard day at work, your large dog could be moody or upset for some reason throughout the day, and it could express that to you.


As a final thought, we would recommend that you should never ignore your dog’s diet, its health issues, and its mood. You never know ignorance could bring about massive problems in life. Try to understand the big dogs, as they are like little babies, sometimes cranky, sometimes over-enthusiastic, and moody.


Know about their breeds and update your knowledge so that there is no misunderstanding from your viewpoints. So, if you have multiple big dogs at home, you know how easy the task of handling them is.



To be a protective dog parent, many people become obsessed with them, and that is the dangerous part. The big dogs are as normal as small or medium-sized dogs, with some basic needs for survival. But your endeavor will be to give your dogs a better life with genuine happiness.


Play with it, spend time with it, and look after it with all your sincerity because if you provide well, you will have a happy dog. In the meantime, don’t forget to check with your vets. This can suggest what your dogs might need from time to time.


An overall understanding of the breed will help you deal with the big dogs even in better ways. So, read about them and take them outside every now and then for a good mood.

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