10 Lesser-Known Facts About Dogs and Cats

Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats are the most favorite household pets as they keep you from feeling alone. Also, what’s not to like about these pets? Be it stray dogs or cats, the love you receive from them is always bountiful. 

So, if you are a dog or cat lover, then I have some exciting and astonishing facts for you to follow. Let’s get started!

1. Dogs Are Smarter Than Your 2-Year-Old Child

This fact may seem surprising to you, but dogs are smarter than they seem. You can easily train a puppy in the initial months, and they’ll follow the same pattern for years to follow. They know about the commands and what exactly they have to do with that command. 

These days an interesting voice mat has come out for dogs through which you can teach them the general words. In addition, Instagram has become a popular place where people upload videos of their dogs using the mat for specific things.

For instance, if they are hungry or want to pee, they can click on the specific switches to let their owners know about it. So if you start working on your dogs at an early age, they can outsmart you and your little child, who only knows a few things at the age of two. 

2. Cats Can Be Lactose Intolerant

 As opposed to the popular belief that cats love milk and they can gulp down a sauce of it in a go, cats are lactose intolerant. Cats are mammals like humans. Both species drink milk in their prime through breastfeeding. 

However, eventually, cats lose an enzyme in their body called lactase which helps in the digestion of milk. Hence, they become lactose intolerant. So if you are feeding a stray cat or your cat, keep this in mind. 

You can also check out a reputed site like Catfoodpoint for more information regarding cat nutrition.

3. Dogs Can Sense Time

Dogs are the silliest creatures ever to exist, but they are brilliant as well. They can easily sense time as they would regularly get up at almost the exact time to ask for food. Moreover, they know when they have to go for poop, and if you are late, they will bark to let you know that it’s time. 

Additionally, many times if the owners are late, they sense this too and would probably come out to greet them before their arrival. I have seen numerous such examples where the dogs could sense time. 


Cats and Dogs

4. Tail Wagging Is Not Equal to a Happy Dog

We love it when our dogs wag their tails for us, as we always understand it to be a sign of affection. But a wagging tail can mean different things. 

A relaxed, mid-level position of the tail means your dog is happy to see you and is excited. But a stiff tail means they are angry and can pounce on you anytime. A low tail or the tail between legs means that they fear something. 

Be careful and understand little details like these can help you in knowing your dog a bit more. 

5. Cats Smell With Their Mouth

You might have observed when you are eating something or making something to eat, your cats have their mouths open. It is because they smell from their mouth. 

The process of opening their mouth, inhaling the smell, and then holding that position is called Flehmen response. 

6. Dogs See In Color

It is a popular myth that dogs cannot see any color. Instead, scientists have proven this study wrong. Although they cannot see the entire spectrum, they can see the yellow and blue colors apart from the general black, white, and gray. 

7. Domestic Cats Have Similar Features As Tigers

According to scientists, 95.6% of DNA is common between domestic cats and tigers! So apart from their size, their appearance, the way of marking territory, and their general habits are entirely safe. 

You may have seen cats rubbing their face at doors or sofas, it is their way of marking territory. Similarly, tigers do the same in their natural habitat. Additionally, they both are obligate carnivores which means that they require meat in their diet. 

8. Dogs Can Sense Danger

People tend to think that only some dog breeds can sense danger, but this is not true. According to research, most dog breeds can sense danger, be it an earthquake or tornado, or some disease in the human body. 

Their body language changes instantly, and they often alert you through their bark. Moreover, dogs often sniff you to check if you have any disease or not. Some special trainers train the dogs to signal danger. 

Nowadays, therapy dogs are hugely popular in hospitals. These dogs understand when the patients have a panic or anxiety attack, preventing that from happening. 

9. Cats Cannot Taste Sweetness

Did you know that cats cannot exactly taste sweetness? It comes as a surprise, especially when they’re the only mammals who cannot do that. However, as per studies, there’s a huge reason behind it.

Cats cannot taste sweetness as one of the two genes responsible for making the sweetness receptor stopped working permanently a few million years ago itself.

10. Dogs Can Be Used for Medical Detection 

Almost every dog owner knows that their dog has excellent sniffing skills. But, what they probably don’t know is that some dogs can even sniff out medical problems. 

For instance, a Medical Detection Dog named Pal was awarded the PDSA Order of Merit. Pal alerted his diabetic owner of the fluctuating blood sugar levels, which might have harmed her if left unnoticed. 

Hence, today, the medical industry uses some dogs with their special smelling skills for medical and disease detection purposes too.

Final Thoughts 

You can either be a dog lover or cat lover, but you have to admit that these pets form the best part of your day. So, I hope that you got to know a little more about your fur babies with these exciting facts. 

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