What Are Some Pet Hotel Options In LA?

Pet Dog

When you leave your pet behind to travel for a vacation or business meeting, you should feel confident about the care that they are receiving. Pet hotels provide a safe and comfortable place for your dog or cat to stay while you are away. If you are looking for some pet hotel options in the Los Angeles area, we’ve got you covered!


Pet Dog


Wag Hotels

Wag Hotels is an LA dog and cat boarding facility that is open 24/7 every day of the year. The hotel employs professional dog trainers who come up with stimulating activities for the pet to enjoy while they are there. All the pet suites are warm and comfortable, with climate-control temperatures in the room. They are also equipped with plenty of blankets and soft bedding for the pet to sleep on.


In the daytime, dogs can leave their suites to socialize and play with other groups of dogs. If they do not get along well with others, the dogs may also benefit from individual walks or playtime with staff members. An additional feature of this resort includes spa treatments for your dog. When you come to pick them up, they will look and feel their best.


Dog Resort

If you are looking for an affordable pet hotel in Los Angeles, Dog Resort is a great option. The facility has recently started accepting cats for their boarding services as well. Dog Resort has highly-trained staff to care for your pets while you are away. The standard room for a dog is 4’x6’, but you can choose a smaller or larger one as required.

While your dog is at the facility, they will receive training and grooming services. This, along with all the playtime, will keep your dog busy and focused on having a good time. For the cats, the facility has large condos and furniture for them to play and nap on.


D Pet Hotels

As a luxury pet hotel, dogs receive the absolute best accommodations. You can choose between three different room types for bedtime: the standard, sensational or uber suite. These vary in size from 4’x9’ to 12’x22’. The larger rooms come with human-sized beds and larger TVs, as well as additional decorations.

The hotel also offers the additional service of picking up or dropping off your dog. This is helpful if you are running late when leaving or returning home exhausted. The company will deliver your dog right back into your arms.

The hotel’s spa and wellness center will perk your dog up if they are missing you. The company provides fur cuts, massages, paw pedicures, and thermal wraps to detoxify the dog.


The Barkley Day Spa & Pet Hotel

Although the name implies a preference for dogs, The Barkley is a cage-free resort that also accepts cats. Certain places are even home to birds and other exotic creatures. Every day of the year, attentive staff members are ready to provide a caring eye and hand for your pet in a home-like atmosphere.

To reduce separation anxiety for both owner and pet, The Barkley provides a free day trial on certain days of the week, allowing everyone to decide if a longer stay might be a good match. When it comes to cats and dogs, villas and apartments of different sizes are available to meet their requirements, as are spa treatments, turndown goodies, bedtime tales, daily limo rides, grooming appointments, and playgroups.

To get a glimpse of the action, log onto The Barkley’s camera and monitor your pet during his stay. Doggie Day Care starts at $35, while overnight boarding for cats and dogs begins at $36 and $47, respectively.


Paradise Ranch Pet Resort

This dog-only pet hotel is cage-free. Dogs can roam free under staff supervision and sleep in a real home environment. There is a high ratio of staff-to-dog, as this type of facility requires more supervision than others. This resort also has an extensive waterpark, complete with a large pool and plenty of fountains for the dogs to play in.

The company also provides dog training programs that you can request for your pet while they are staying there. There are over 25 webcams located on the property, so you can log in to check up on how your dog is doing and how their training is progressing.


Fitdog Club

Fitdog has an indoor dog park that is over 3,000 square feet large, giving dogs ample room to play and exercise. The facility has a thorough daily cleaning and disinfecting regimen to ensure that the area is safe for dogs at all times. Dogs will go through a rotating routine of playtime, naps, mealtimes, and walks. After a fun-filled day, they will retire to their sleeping suites.

Each dog will have a private sleeping area and 24/7 care. In addition to this, the staff will provide the owners with daily report cards. These report cards will give a full breakdown of how the dog’s day went and what sort of activities they did.        


Wags Club

The Wags Club allows your dog to relax in luxury or run wild during daycare or overnight visits. With an indoor/outdoor dog park, pool, cabanas, spa and grooming area, and video and musical entertainment for relaxing, dogs of all sizes get the same level of love and care that you would provide at home.

Utilize Pet Concierge services, which include aid with travel plans, medical support, birthday celebrations, and off-site excursions. Prices for half or full daycare and overnight boarding vary or inquire about membership packages for puppies and older dogs that include a variety of perks and benefits.


Final Words

When you’re planning a vacation, don’t exclude your pet! Let your pet stay in a boarding service that will properly take care of its needs. Hopefully, this list will help you in singling out the best pet hotel for your little ball of fur. Pick out the pet hotel that fully caters to your pet’s needs and does not dent your budget.

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