Tips and Tricks for Transporting Dogs in a UTE


Whether you’re a pet owner or you’re into the pet grooming business, you must have a suitable solution for transporting dogs in a vehicle. Dogs are specific animals, and although they are calm, friendly, and loveable, they are still easily distracted and annoyed by the surroundings, causing them to jump off a moving car if they feel like it.


To prevent anything near this scene, it’s best to find a solution and take care of your dog when you’re traveling with them from one place to another. There are many solutions to this problem, with some of them essential for any dog or pet grooming business owner.


In this article, we share several tips and tricks that will help you transport your pups from point A to point B without worrying about the problems this action may cause. Keep reading if you want to find out about the best ways to do this and how to be sure that they’ll be happy and safe at the same time.




Install a dog crate


Contrary to some thinking that this is inhumane, a dog crate is the best solution for transporting a dog, and there is a science to back this claim. It is proven that dog boxes for UTEs are the best solution because these items provide the most comfort and happiness for your loved pup.


How so, you may ask? Because dog cages are made to resemble the old caves in which dog ancestors used to live. A crate resembles a cave and makes dogs believe they are inside one. That makes them in charge of the area, which makes them calm, relaxed, and happy.


You can let them on your car seats, thinking that this is a soft surface, but dogs don’t feel the same when it comes to the stiffness of the surface. They’d rather sit on the floor than on a comfortable mattress making people the happiest.


Aside from all this, a crate will protect the dog and the driver. When they are inside, any distractions will be irrelevant. Being locked inside, the dog is safe from jumping out or running around the vehicle, causing the driver to make a mistake and crash the car.


Make often stops


Unlike people, dogs need to move constantly. Yes, you’ll see them sleeping for hours, but when they are on the road, they feel stressed, and they need to channel that stress through movement. Make often stops and let them run around a little bit.


These stops will let your dog stretch and feel more comfortable. You can use this time to have a cup of coffee, get a snack, or something else. This will make the trip more comfortable. You don’t have to stay too long. A few minutes of exercise for your dog are just enough to keep going.


Keep them hydrated


You can’t hold a can of water inside the car for your dog to drink whenever they feel like it. This is why you must have this in mind and provide some water for them when you stop. Keep them hydrated. Dogs require a lot of water, so make sure they have some when you stop.


It’s always best to carry the plate on which they are used to drink at home. This will make them feel comfortable knowing that not much is changed from their routine. Although you’re on the road and everything’s different from home, they can still enjoy their favourite piece from which they regularly drink water.


Provide some natural breeze instead of running the AC


Although the AC will provide the perfect climate inside the vehicle, it’s best to open the window a little before running the air conditioner. Dogs always prefer natural breeze, so, open the window on their side, and let them enjoy the air running through their crate.


You can still let the AC run and cool off the car, but they will appreciate it more if you provide a naturally comfortable place. The most important thing when you get out and leave your dog inside the vehicle is to put the windows down and make sure they have fresh air.


Cars tend to heat up very quickly during the summer, so leaving them just 20 minutes inside the car without air conditioning or the windows down may cause terrible consequences. Always mind their safety when leaving them inside the vehicle.


Avoid food before taking off


Just like humans tend to feel nauseous when eating just before going on the road, so do dogs. Their tummies are smaller than ours and easily irritated. If you let them eat just before the trip, they’ll feel uncomfortable, become anxious, and you’ll all have a terrible experience on the road.


Instead, plan your trip accordingly. Let them eat hours before it and make sure the food is long passed through their gut. This way, they’ll be happy, relaxed, and enjoy the ride. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should drive as you’re on the mototrack. Keep it stady.


Treats and toys may be a great idea


Never forget their favorite toys at home. Not only you’ll pack the toys they love, but you’ll leave the most significant ones inside the crate with them. Some dogs will chew on their toys for hours and feel happy and relaxed.


Treats are excellent for showing them they are good boys, but don’t give them too many as we go back to the previous point – tummy ache. Instead, show appreciation for their patience and being good every now and then.




With these few tips and tricks, your ride will go smoothly. Owning a dog does not mean staying home or only going for walks on a leash. Dogs love spending time in nature, so you should take them to a nearby field, mountain, or something similar.


Take the precautions we mentioned, and you’ll do great. Install a dog crate, make more stops than usual, keep your dog hydrated, and let some breeze inside the car. That’s it.

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