Do You Still Waste Time Toweling Your Dog’s Wet Fur? Here’s a Quick Fix!

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Nothing cooler when your dog knows how to swim well yet it’s tiring when it gets wet. Drying your pups after swimming, raining, pool exercises, and regular bathing is a real challenging task.

It’s because many pet owners don’t know what’s the best and accurate method of drying a dog’s wet hair. Moreover, dog hairdryers are differently designed as compared to blow dryers for human use.

A many-time people are unaware of how to use dog grooming hair dryers. Make sure you use the best quality dog grooming dryer to prevent hotspots and air burn. For dog hair dryer reviews Petsem is the perfect knowledge hub. The following description is my personal experience as a professional pet groomer. Hope it helps.


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Why Do Pet Groomers Need Dog Hair Dryers?

Doubtlessly, outdoor exercises like rain walking, swimming, pool activities are healthy for dogs as they keep them active and agile. However, drying pups after being wet requires significant consideration.

Veterinarians recommend immediate drying of your pet’s hair coat to prevent any unhealthy consequences. Since dog fur left wet or damp for a long time can cause acute moist dermatitis or hotspots, it’s wise to quickly dry your pet’s coat.


Moreover, a soggy pooch can make your home a messy place. A wet pup can leave water spots on your furniture, make it smell awful, and cause it to become damp. Your house can also become microbially contaminated. Therefore, to avoid such undesirable effects, you need a perfect dog grooming dryer.


Air Drying Or Blow Drying; What’s Best For Your Pets?

According to some experts, blow-drying is way better than air drying. It is because of a number of reasons.

First of all, air drying is a slow process that can ultimately increase heating exposure thereby resulting in air burn. Secondly, air dryers are not so efficient and require a longer drying time.

Sometimes, air dryers do not dry your pup’s wet coat completely from roots to tips. Consequently, encaptured moisture can promote bacterial and fungal growth that can end up in staph infections and excessive shedding.


In contrast, blow dryers are specifically designed to completely dry hair coats in quite a shorter time. These are efficient and do not leave behind any trace of the water molecules deep under the coat.

Most of the blow dryers come with high-velocity controls that are perfect for professional pet groomers. This is because these best dog groomers’ hair dryers clean, dry, fluff up, and straighten your dog’s hair.

In a nutshell, if you want to protect your dog from hotspots, air burn, staph infections, and want a quick-drying of their thick hair coats, do try the best dog grooming hair dryers.


Dog Hair Dryers: Who Should And Shouldn’t Buy Them

Professional Pet Groomers, caring pet owners that love to groom their dogs, and swimmer dogs all should buy a dog grooming blow dryer. It’s because professional groomers need efficient grooming equipment to use on a daily basis that gives the best results.

Moreover, pet owners especially those living in colder regions utmost require high-velocity dog grooming blow dryers. Similar is the case with swimming dogs that must remain free from moisture, healthy, and fit.


People living in the dry and hot climatic regions should remain cautious and NOT use dog grooming blow dryers. The reason is using blow-dryers in already dry and scorching weather can lead to dry scaly patches, skin irritation, heat burns, and dehydration.

You should also never use big blow dryers on small dogs. Small pups can easily get frightened from the blowing air, noise, and horrifying equipment. Prefer toweling small hair to wipe off moisture after regular baths. You can use a quiet blow dryer on your small pups if you are lucky enough to find one.


A Quick Buying Guide On Grooming Hair Dryers For Dogs


Make sure to buy a dog grooming blow dryer that is built up with sturdy and high-end material. Always shop smart that says if you are investing in a machine, make sure it’s long-lasting and durable. Otherwise, it will get damaged soon and result in more losses. 


Always choose a blow dryer that utilizes less power and works efficiently. Ensure that the power unit of your blow dryer is highly engineered and the wires are intact to avoid any accidental happenings.

Air Flow Rate:

Dog’s hair coat and underskin are more sensitive than that of humans. Moreover, there are some pups that have thin hair coats still others have thick coats.

To get the best airflow for every dog, try to get a dog grooming blow dryer with an adjustable airflow rate. Generally, 3.2 to 4.0 HP is fine with all types of hair coats.

Occupying Space:

Before buying the best dog groomers hair dryers, make sure you have enough space to place and fix it. If you have a separate grooming room, you can buy a dog grooming hair dryer stand. Moreover, if you only have a shelf to place you can simply get a standard blow dryer.



No dog blow dryer is silent yet you can buy the one that absorbs moisture to a maximum extent. Metal body blow dryers make more noise as compared to polymers that absorb vibrations. If you want a quiet blow dryer, look for the advanced noise-canceling technique employed in blow dryers. Just never let your pups feel afraid again.


The Best Dog Grooming Blow Dryer Reviews:

According to our survey and study, we have categorized the 5 best dog grooming blow dryers based on the professional’s dog hair dryers reviews.

Overall Best:

K-9 Dog Grooming Dryer and Shelandy 3.2 HP adjustable speed blow dryer are the overall best dog grooming blow dryers. These blow dryers come with adjustable nozzles, velocity, airflow, temperature controllers, and customer’s friendly care and warranty.

Best On a Budget:

Go Pet Club Grooming Hair Dryer is best on a budget because it offers many features at quite an affordable cost. It also comes with temperature and airflow adjustments along with changeable nozzles and hoses to help facilitate the drying of your pet’s specific body areas.

Professional’s Choice:

Flying Pig dog grooming hair dryer stand is the best blow dryer for professional use. It not only comes with a stand and holder but is also engineered with advanced technology. This technology employs control condensation using liquid nitrogen gas to avoid excessive heating of blow-drying air. What a masterpiece!


Best Dog Grooming Hairdryer Blaster (High Velocity):

Shernabo High-Velocity Dog grooming blow dryer is the best option if you are looking for an efficient blaster.

Best Quiet Dryer:

PetNF Professional Pet Hair Dryer is the best option for nervous, sick, or small dogs. This quiet blow dryer keeps the noise level below 60 decibels that is no noise pollution. Moreover, it comes with adjustable hoses, 8 temperature, and velocity controllers, and an LED display that is really cool.



What is a dog grooming hair dryer blaster?

Dog grooming hair dryer blaster is just another name for high-velocity hair dryers. These advanced and professional blasters can carry out several different grooming functions. For example, in addition to drying, this best Dog grooming hair dryer blaster can also detangle the matted hair and can also function as a de-shedding tool.

What is the best dog grooming hair dryer on the stand?

According to our experience, Flying Pig and Wahl Pet Hairdryer are the best dog grooming hair dryer on the stand. Both of these come with various adjustable controls and replaceable air filters. If you are a professional pet groomer or a pet care worker, a dog grooming hair dryer on the stand is must-have equipment for you. This hands-free blow dryer makes it easier for you to deal with small and large nervous dogs.

Do we really need a dog grooming hair dryer holder?

A dog grooming hair dryer holder is necessary if you are buying a dog grooming hair dryer on the stand. This holder will be attached to the stand to hold the blow dryer. If you are buying such a blow dryer, you’ll also get a freeholder with it.

Can we buy a dog grooming blow dryer for sale?

Yes, you can buy a dog grooming blow dryer for sale. There come many sales on dog grooming blow dryers on Christmas, New Year, etc. Do get this best grooming tool for your dogs at a reasonable price.





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