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We appreciate your kind assistance in spreading the word regarding our initiative! The hashtags for our campaign are #ISwearToSelfCare and #CareForPetsCareForVets.

Veterinary health groups are doing incredible things to advance the field and promote emotional well-being among veterinary practitioners. This should also be reflected in veterinarian professional oaths.

Considering the prevailing labor shortage, these oaths must consider the psychological health challenges that advanced veterinary professionals and the presumably adverse effects these considerations would have on their strength and ability to supply high-quality care to all patients.




Veterinary medical organizations are doing fantastic work to expand the profession and enhance the quality of life. The Veterinarian’s Oath was implemented in 1954 was subsequently added more than a couple of years earlier to explicitly emphasize the welfare of animals as little more than a veterinarian’s specialist goal.

Professional oaths are solemn and emotionally significant vows. They constitute a set of ethical norms and guiding concepts that are instilled in new veterinary graduates and are then put into practice on a daily basis.

Since, a pledge with such emotional intensity should represent the crucial relevance of an individual’s own health, wellness, and work-life balance as fundamental premises for fulfilling the professional commitments outlined in the oath. Thus, this professional oath must also begin publicizing this, and the Veterinarian Professional Oath must be refreshed.

In the United States, Galaxy Vets is a highly integrated veterinary medical system. Galaxy Vets, with such a mission to return veterinary science to veterinarians, gives the workers, veterinarians, experts, technicians, administrators, and relief employees equity in the entire organization, attempting to make them shareholders in the existing system.


Galaxy Vets


Galaxy Vets takes a systematic approach to burnout protection by addressing the primary reasons why veterinarian professionals contemplate leaving the field, all with the goal of making a meaningful effect on the industry.

Galaxy Vets builds its lifestyle around burnout preventative measures and employs a content approach to promote employee engagement and balance between work and life to impact the business significantly.


Veterinary Professional Oath – Why does Galaxy Vet recall it?

Galaxy Vets initiated a project to reassess the syntax of veterinary professional oaths. An official letter was published on change.org and acknowledged to American Association, the National Organization of Veterinary Specialists in America, and other veterinarian regulatory institutions across the globe.

The letter appears to suggest including one with a commitment to self-health and psychological well-being, similar to a World Medical Association amendment to the Geneva Declaration, as well as “The Modern Hippocratic Oath” considered by physicians.

Given the current shortage of workers, the dedication of veterinarians and technicians must be reviewed. While the respective pledge represents the values and principles that first drew us into the field, such as animal rescue, these oaths are not complete without putting into consideration the mental health challenges that modern veterinarians face, as well as the potential negative impacts these variables may have on their health and ability to provide high-quality services to their patients.

Such corporate concerns are becoming more widely known, and several people suffering from burnout and other suicidal behaviors have been shared from their stories. About one in six veterinarians, as per Galaxy Vets, has seriously contemplated suicide.


A Glimpse of latest Statistics

Inadequately, one in every six veterinarians has attempted suicide. The statistics for veterinary professionals are even more shocking. Female veterinarians seem to have been 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide than the normal community, while male veterinarians had all been 2.1 times more likely. Females and male veterinarians are also 5 and 2.3 incapable of committing suicide than the general population.

Young employers, particularly female veterinarians, have higher levels of stress than their male counterparts. A male veterinarian’s burnout rate is 1.4 times lesser than that of his female counterpart. Another disturbing data from this year is that the suicide ratio in female vet technicians is 5 times higher than in the general population.

Burnout becomes more and more common in the veterinary profession. A study conducted by Galaxy Vets and VIS discovered a 9.4 percent increase in stress and burnout over the previous year. The AVMA reports that 44 percent of vets left the profession, up from 38 percent the last year.


A Recent Statement was given by the CEO of Galaxy Vets, Dr. Ivan Zak.

Dr. Ivan Zak is the founder of Veterinary Integration Solutions (VIS) and SmartFlow, two successful veterinary enterprises. He is one of the leads of this new startup named Galaxy Vets.

He said, “I firmly feel that emotional exhaustion and career stress prevention should be a strategic approach because external and natural factors cause them”. We must devise a strategy to balance the selfless and honorable calling of assisting animals and facilitating our requirements as humans.

With each passing year, the expectations or mental stress level in the veterinary profession is rapidly rising. Authorities’ negligence in providing them with privileges, low pay, a severe workload, and a complete lack of compassion for work-life balance all contribute to an increase in burnout, thus it is imperative to shed some light on this poorly recognized issue.


Bottom Line

Galaxy Vets, a new veterinary healthcare organization, has taken the initiative in this endeavor. Galaxy Vets will acquire standard practices in a small territory before building a second clinical and urgent care highly specialized hospital with its testing laboratory, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, fully – integrated veterinary hospital setting. They are actively seeking partners and employees throughout the region.

In order to keep delivering animal healthcare services, veterinarian practitioners are required in every community. These well-respected veterinarians are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the state’s food supply. Some of them make a concerted effort to prevent infectious diseases from spreading. This pledge will benefit both veterinarians and animals.

Join Galaxy Vets’ Medical Team in instructing the AVMA, NAVTA, and other veterinarians governing bodies in the United States and all over the world to change the behavior of professional oaths to reveal a commitment to mental health and well-being. We can encounter the rising interest rates of tension and self-harm among our hardworking practitioners if we undertake strong self-care and better patient care.

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