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Making the decision on which breed of dog you will have as part of your family can be a daunting task. Depending on your lifestyle, the setup of your home, the age of your family, and myriad other considerations, some dogs may not be very easy to keep in your home. If you have a more laid-back lifestyle, then you will want to stay away from high-energy and drive dogs that require hours of exercise every day. On the contrary, if you are a very active family, you will want to steer away from dogs that will easily tire and be put in danger during your adventures.


cute dog


The decision to bring a fur baby into your home should not be taken lightly and making sure you have considered the breed best suited to you is imperative. Here are some dog breeds to consider when looking for a dog to add to your family.


Golden Retriever- Home with a Yard

Golden Retrievers are a well-known and well-loved breed of dog that will fit into a family with a home and larger outdoor space. Golden Retrievers are active dogs that require lots of exercise, so they are great for an active family. Golden retrievers do require maintenance for their coats, so making sure will have the time to brush them at least twice a week is a requirement of any golden retriever owner.



These dogs are larger, so may not be suited to small apartment dwellings. Goldens can be territorial and protective of their families but are affectionate and great with obedience training. This is a great dog to have around families and will bring you love and joy for years to come.


Bernedoodle- Moderately Active

Bernedoodles are a breed that is a great fit for family and apartment living. These beautiful bernedoodles are moderately active dogs that require love and attention and are a sensitive breed. They want to be with their families all the time, and if you are looking for a constant companion they are a great choice. These are not solitary dogs, so if you will be gone for extended periods, this may not be the right breed for you. These dogs require some exercise but do not require excessive periods of high-intensity activity. A calm dog that will love going for walks and car rides, this dog is greatly suited for family living.

Boston Terrier -Apartment

Boston terriers are small breed dogs that are well suited to life with a family with children. Their size makes them a great choice for apartment dwellers, as even when they get the zoomies they don’t need a lot of space due to their size. A small townhome or apartment can be a great fit for these dogs. Now that is not to say they are couch potatoes, these dogs still require exercise and activity, however, the intensity of their exercise is not that is necessary for a high-energy working dog.


With moderate activity, a great personality and great physical characteristics such as limited shedding and monthly grooming requirements, they are a great companion to have for those looking for a medium intensity dog breed.

Great Pyrenees- Livestock Guardian Dogs, not great in warm climates

While large dogs may be your preference, great Pyrenees have been bred for certain characteristics that are better suited to a large farm, or livestock guardian life. These dogs show affection, but are less likely to respond to verbal commands and are content to sleep in the day and guard their livestock at night. Their beautiful coats make them inclined to enjoy colder climates, and this is not the dog that will want to be at your side every second of every day. With a higher level of independence, these dogs are suited to a more solitary life, bonding with other groups of animals that they protect, rather than to a family.


That being said, they are not impossible to have as a family dog, but are more suited to the farming home lifestyle, where they can roam and make their relationships as they see fit. They are guardians and are great protection dogs for rural country living.


Labrador Retrievers- Active Lifestyle Family

Labrador retrievers are a very popular dog breed, however, it is important to understand that they were originally bred as hunting companions, and have a very high energy level. They enjoy intense activity and require a family that will provide lots of daily exercise for this dog, one short walk a day will not suffice.


These dogs are incredibly playful and tend to get along well with people, other dogs and children. Any family taking on a retriever needs to remember that they LOVE to play, run and swim. This dog is best suited to a moderate to large home, with room to run, fetch and play. If you are an active family, then this breed will be a great addition to your family.

Bulldog- Calm Family

Bulldogs are adorable chunky dogs that are content to pass the day chilling with their favorite humans and while they are playful dogs, they definitely are not the most high-energy breed that is rather docile. Their size makes them a great fit for any size of the home, however, prospective owners need to realize their jaw shape leads them to need help with a dental cleaning and their fat folds require grooming and cleaning. Bulldogs are a calm and loving breed that will suit a single or multiple-person family.


No matter what dog breed you choose, it is important to choose one that will blend in with your family’s activity level and have the space they require. While you may have a favorite dog breed, if your lifestyle does not fit their traits, then it is important to search for a breed that does. Dogs are a lifetime commitment that requires proper exercise, nutrition, grooming and medical care. Ensuring that you choose a breed you will be able to care for properly will lead to a lifetime of love and furry snuggles, so consider and choose wisely the breed that is right for your family.

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