Are Blueberries Good For Your Dogs?

Blueberries For Dogs

When the nutrition of our dogs is in question, we have to be rather careful. If your little pup starts looking at you with those sad-like eyes, seemingly begging for a small piece of cake, you know better than to cave in and let them have it. Sure, the little furry monster would eat the cake right away, but it’s our responsibility not to give them harmful food.

Although we generally know what’s good for our canine friends, there’s no doubt that we cannot always be sure about the choices we make when it comes to their diet.

For example, if I asked you whether blueberries are safe and good for your doggie to consume, I believe you would have a hard time giving me the right answer. That’s okay, though, you can pop over here to get a detailed answer.

We cannot know it all, but we can certainly learn whatever interests us at a particular moment. Since blueberries are the topic of your interest today, I’ll give you a quick overview of what they can do for your dog, which will help you determine whether feeding this fruit to your beloved pet is a good idea. Before we get to their effects, however, I need to answer the most pressing question.


Are Blueberries Safe?

No matter the type of food, you’ll always question its safety before giving it to your pet. That’s what makes you a responsible owner. Feeding your animals just anything will significantly shorten their lifespan and lead to the development of certain unpleasant medical condition. Since you want your pets to be healthy and happy, safety will always be your first concern.

When you start questioning the safety of this fruit, you’ll definitely ask a few experts for their opinion, as well as do some online research. During this research, you might come across certain contradictory opinions, which will only make you even more confused. Let me give you the shortest and the most straightforward answer possible. Unlike some other types of food, blueberries are perfectly safe to be consumed by your canine, just as long as you administer a moderate dosage.

Speaking of other types of food, here’s what they absolutely mustn’t eat.


What Can Blueberries Do For Your Dog?

Even though we have established this fruit is safe for canines, there’s another rather important question that you must have. Why would you even decide to give this nutrient to your dog? What is it that makes the fruit so special? Is there anything significant that blueberries can do for your pup? Let me give you a short list of only some of the benefits that come with feeding your doggie blueberries.


Healthy Heart

By naturally lowering the LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, blueberries can promote the health of your canine’s heart. Cholesterol can build up in the organisms of our dogs, especially in ageing ones. By giving them this fruit, you can make sure that the level of cholesterol stays low, which will significantly impact their heart’s health.


Blueberries for dogs


Weight Loss

High in fibers and low in calories, blueberries make for excellent diet foods. Replacing some of your pet’s treats with this fruit will help them shed some pounds. If you believe that they could benefit from getting a bit leaner, you should definitely introduce this product to their diet and watch how their fat starts burning.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should give them no other treats aside from blueberries. They are really high in sugar, so giving your pup too much isn’t a good idea. If you are looking for a way your dog can lose weight, you should take both their nutrition and physical activities into consideration. Don’t rely only on blueberries.


Disease Prevention

As a powerful anti-oxidant, this fruit has shown to be rather successful in the prevention of all kinds of diseases your canine can develop. Most importantly, studies have shown that anti-oxidants play a significant part in preventing free radicals damage, which ultimately leads to the prevention of cancer.

By introducing this fruit to their diet, you are taking an important step in disease prevention. Overall, a moderate amount of blueberries will help your dog be healthier and happier.


Some tips for feeding the dogs with blueberries

You have to usually get some advice from the doctor before giving the lovely pet with some food, including the blueberries. In other words, they could guide you for the appropriate serving dimension and ensure the pet’s health will not be particularly affected by the blueberries. When you understand it, here are a lot of solutions to feed your lovely dogs. 

On top of it, many pet owners mash the blueberries or add them with some pets’ food for good health development. On the other hand, they could be utilized for dealing with recipes and be mixed with for producing the smoothie. 

Some of the time, but they are provided with the pets raw. They have less nutrition or sugar. Moreover, they could produce an outstanding reward throughout practicing the sessions. 

Usually, ensure to pick the organic blueberries which could not be exposed for the pesticides since most of them could lead to your pet’s illness or ensure to wash them before you give the food to your pets.


Blueberries For Dogs


Next, other pet owners enjoy freezing them for a rejuvenating summer recipe. Still, it is super crucial to highlight that freezing the fruit could make them harder, which could result in the choking risk for the puppies and other tiny pets.

Besides, several dogs could look for the flavor for being bitter or unpleasant. When it comes to these dogs, many various fruits could be beneficial, such as bananas or blueberries. 

Not each fruit is great for your lovely pets, though. For instance, some fruit like grapes could lead to the problem of the kidney. Carrying out the research or examine from the doctor before providing the fruit for the lovely pet.

Could you ever feed the fruit for the pet with a great recipe? Could you get some pet food formulas that consist of the blueberries? Please, leave your feeling into the comment box to make you know more about your expectations. 


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