Top 5 Dog Breeds For The Kids

Dog Breeds For The Kids

When you decide to get a four-legged friend, it is very important that the pet can get along with all members of your family, especially children. Learn about which dogs are good with children and can be reliable companions to them in this article.


If you decide to get a dog, you need to consider the opinions of every family member. And if you have a child, it’s important to get a four-legged friend that your little one will get along with.


Dog Breeds For The Kids


Today, we’re going to talk about what breeds of dogs are good with kids.



  1. Beagle


The active, affectionate, and friendly Beagle is always very kind to children, playing with them for hours.


But don’t forget that beagles have a strong hunting instinct, so it’s best to keep these dogs in a private home and not leave them on their own for long periods. If you properly care for the Beagle and do not forget about his training and surround him with care and attention – you won’t find a better friend and a better guardian for your child.


  1. Collie


Collies were originally bred as shepherding dogs, helping shepherds to gather scattered sheep. That’s why collies are very responsible and active, they can spend hours running, playing, and rambling with your kids, and your kids are likely to get tired of that kind of time much sooner than the dog. So, make sure your pet doesn’t tire the kid out too much.


Overall, the Collie is a dog you can trust, loves all family members immensely, is especially fond of children, is not aggressive, and is easy to train.


  1. Labrador retriever


By nature, a rescue dog will be a reliable guardian for your child. However, you must remember to train and educate the Labrador.


A Labrador Retriever is a reliable, patient, and loving dog that will never intentionally harm your baby.


The following situation requires special attention: if you have a Labrador puppy, you should not leave it alone with a small child unsupervised. Sure, even a Labrador puppy will bond with a child in no time, but two kids can accidentally hurt one another in the heat of the game.


  1. Poodle


The Poodle is a lively, friendly, and easy-going dog. Poodles are docile pets, and will gladly play lively games with your child.


Poodles often perform in the circus. They are intelligent and easily trainable, your child can independently teach the poodle different tricks and commands.


Do not forget that poodles require careful and constant care: they often need to be bathed and brushed, especially after active games and walks with children.


  1. Akita


Akita dog is becoming increasingly popular, and many people want to get this dog as a “baby dog” – so that the child has a loyal and faithful friend. But you can’t buy a friend – you can only raise him.


Akitas enjoy playing with children, but you need to be very careful if there are very young children in the family. Akitas get used to all household members (both human and non-human) and consider them their owner’s family. A well-mannered Akita is great with the younger generation, participates in all games, and will protect them if necessary.


Such a breed requires attention: if your pet gets bored, he may bark, get angry and spoil things.


  1. German Shepherd


A devoted friend and excellent guardian for your child.


From the age of 9-10, your child will be able to take care of and train their German Shepherd by themselves. This is a constant companion that will follow his master everywhere and everywhere.


Do not forget that the German Shepherds are not the dogs that can constantly sit idle at the four walls. They need constant walks, they should always be busy with something.


  1. Irish Setter


The Irish Setter is a restless and active dog that constantly craves companionship, making it the perfect play companion for your child.


This dog is constantly on the move, never refuses to have a good time and will not offend family members, perfectly get along with a child of school age. Of course, you can have an Irish Setter even if you have a baby at home, but remember that the Irish can be a hyperactive dog that will bore your child.


  1. Saint Bernard


Saint Bernards are some of the most patient and indulgent dogs. They tolerate all children’s antics, are excellent protectors, and will never intentionally harm a child.


But due to the large size of Saint Bernard, be sure to monitor the joint pastime of the dog and your baby.


  1. Cocker Spaniel


The Cocker Spaniel is a dog that loves children, is good-natured and energetic, never letting its owners get bored.


Cocker Spaniels are adventurers, they will be great companions for your child on walks and hikes. Curious and smart pets, cute and good-natured, will never let themselves get aggressive towards your child.


A Cocker Spaniel will always keep its owner in good physical shape, and only such a dog will manage to keep up with its active pet. 🙂


  1. Sheltie


The Sheltie is one of the most family-oriented dogs: she is very affectionate to everyone in her family, loves to be in the spotlight, and is sociable and helpful. Never refuse to play and have fun with your child.


Sheltie will consider herself a full-fledged member of the family and require the appropriate treatment.


Many people say that the Sheltie is quite a noisy dog. This may be true, but never forget how intelligent the Sheltie is, so with the right attitude and training, you can easily teach the Sheltie the rules of the house.


  1. A non-breed dog


You can have the body of a mongrel dog,

    But a purebred heart!


Remember that mongrels are some of the smartest, friendliest, and most loyal dogs. If you get yourself a mongrel puppy, you will not only save one life, but also teach your child compassion, care, and responsibility.



Of course, there are plenty of dog breeds that are great with kids and can be good friends and trustworthy protectors for them.

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