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Good Dog Food

At some point in our lives, we are to experience gastrointestinal problems and tummy aches. You may have experienced yours in the past and we can say that having that experience is the worst. Can you imagine how bad it would feel for your dog?

There are different reasons why dogs experience tummy aches and problems. It may be because of an allergic reaction, a difficulty in digesting food, or something else. It is important to have them tested and seen by a vet to know how to treat the problem. Meanwhile, here are some examples of dog food good for sensitive stomach

Best Dog Food for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

To make sure your dogs do not suffer from gastric irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, and gas, here are a couple of reliable dog food that you can feed them.


Good Dog Food

Ollie Dog Food

If you are looking for food that can be personalized to your pet’s diet requirements, Ollie dog food can do the trick for you. They are great at creating meals that are perfect for your dog’s age and nutritional requirements. They use premium quality ingredients and stay away from artificial ingredients, wheat, soy, corn, and fillers.

You can be sure that their meats are from Australia and the US. Their meals come in a variety of options such as hearty beef eats, chicken goodness, healthy turkey feast, and tasty lamb fare.

Heed Foods

This is a formula crafted by a nutritionist who also happens to be a veterinarian. It is geared to improving dogs’ gut health and makes it available in two different recipes.

You can get freeze-dried toppers that are personalized for your dog’s diet. You can choose among a salmon-based, grain-free recipe or a chicken recipe that is grain-inclusive and paired with pearled barley, brown rice, and oat groats. 

Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach

This brand has a formula focused on five main ingredients such as potato protein, potatoes, tomato pomace, chicken fat, and egg product. This is grain-free and is designed with limited ingredients.

Overall, the percentage for every category would be 28% protein, 50% approx. carbs, 14% fat, and a fat-to-protein ratio of almost 52%. This meal works great for dogs with a sensitive stomach and skin. 


Good Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin 

This formula focuses on five main ingredients including chicken meal, chicken, brewers rice, cracked pearled barley, and yellow peas. It is grain-inclusive and is highly digestible. This gets its main meat protein from fresh chicken and it also has prebiotic fibers that help regulate tools and prevent stomach troubles. 

ANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food

This is an excellent choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach because its formula is free of wheat, corn, and soy. Instead, the carbohydrate content relies on bran, brown rice, and barley. This is fortified with probiotics that will improve your dog’s digestive system.

This has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for proper support joint health and a stronger immune system. The good thing about this is it can cater to all your dog’s stages of life so transitioning to another dog food is unnecessary. 

Natural Balanced LID Beef 

This formula is known for using premium ingredients. This has 32% protein which is mainly sourced from beef. This makes an excellent meal for dogs with a sensitive stomach because it does not contain wheat, soy, corn, wheat, fillers, grains, chicken ingredient, or potatoes.

The carbohydrate content for this formula relies on chickpeas and peas. This formula does not entail a lot of ingredients, so it is safer for your pet’s tummy. It features beef to cater to dogs who cannot tolerate chicken or other animal proteins.

Nulo Freestyle Limited: Turkey Grain-Free

This formula features a single-animal protein source – a grain-free catered and GMO-free turkey. The detail for this formula is created specifically for dogs with stomach issues. You can be sure that this does not contain soy, eggs, wheat, and corn.

There is no need to worry about artificial preservatives and flavorings too because it does not use any of those. It also has essential nutrients with 30% crude protein which makes it a good option for dogs with allergies. Plus, it is complemented with GanebenBC30 which is a unique probiotic geared to promoting good gut health among dogs. 


Shopping guide


The useful tips for feeding the pet with perfect food

While you are available to alter your lovely pet’s diet, we highly suggest that you need to limit it to alter the food right away. Because it could lead to an unexpected digestive issue. Besides, you have to transform, particularly through around a week.

Straightforwardly combine a tiny serving of great food with your pet’s routine diet while decreasing the proportion of the previous food. After a few days, if there is no extra issue, we recommend that you can boost up the alternated serving. A doctor is a perfect place for assisting with alternated queries or issues.

When the initial diet you attempt can not deal with the pup’s allergic tummy problems, keep calm. On the other hand, it could require some efforts to look for the ideal match. Also, here are a lot of choices out here at present to support your lovely dog to obtain the necessary nutrition which he or she wants without the stomach allergy.

Last but not least, we hope that all you can gain a deeper understanding of some crucial tips before feeding your lovely pets. This section covered up all beneficial information involved in alternating the pet with a portion of new food.


Your dog’s health and overall experience lie greatly on your hands. Like people, there are some dogs that suffer from different types of hypersensitivity from varied food options and conditions. When they expose themselves to those or ingest any of it in their system, they go through troubles that are similar to the troubles we experience ourselves.

Knowing how those feel, we should be responsible enough to find a good meal option for our dogs. Getting dog food that is safe and created to address their stomach issues is always the right and wisest thing to do.   



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