Tips for Finding A Lost Dog

Tips for Finding A Lost Dog

As the old saying goes “a dog is a man’s best friend,” and it is true. They become part of the family, and they can often help through a tough time with their comfort and support.

They offer fun; love, and they generally care about you and your partner/ children. That is why it can be terrifying when they go missing or get lost.

Luckily, we have steps that you can take to find your dog and make your family whole and happy once again.


Tips for Finding A Lost Dog

Step 1: Before The Search

As soon as you realize that your furry four-legged buddy is gone you should get a hold of yourself and get to work. Panicking is a natural response and it is okay to feel as such. But, not all the time. The first thing you should do is to breathe and let the panic pass.

This will help you be more focused and get the job of finding your dog done. Once you are emotionally ready you can get to it.

Step 2: Spread The Word

Social media can be a great place to let people know that your buddy is missing. You can make a post asking your Facebook friends to be on the look-out and to let you know if they spot your pet. You should also post an updated picture of them so that people know who they are looking for.

Likewise, several Facebook groups have a focus on reconnecting lost pets to their owners. Join these in your area to further spread your message. Several sites have a base of users that specialize in trying to help other people find their missing pets.

Another way is by going the non-digital route of creating flyers. These should have that updated picture of your dog on, with their name and your contact detail on it.

You should make a few copies of these that you can hang on street lamps, at grocery stores, and by animal shelters and vets. As well as hand out to passers-by. You could also offer a tiny reward on the flyers.

Regarding the reward makes sure that you can afford to and to be careful. Some people will try to con you out of your money.

Therefore, if someone comes forward saying they have your dog than ask them a lot of questions about the dog. And only hand over when you see your pet is safe and it with you, never give the reward before your pet is back in your care.

Another method of getting the word out there is by taking out an advert in the local paper. Every bit helps.

Step 3: Pop-Ins

When missing animals are found they are usually taken to an animal shelter or a rescue organization. Therefore, you should pop-in to these places daily to check if maybe someone has dropped off your fluffy friend.

When you do visit them make sure that you have a picture of your four0legged buddy to show to the volunteers. These volunteers can change and it would just make your life easier to show them a picture whenever you meet someone new.

You can also ask them to connect you if anything fitting your photo or description comes in so that they can give you a call. Some places can also post about the pets that are brought into them on their sites so it is also a good idea to keep up-to-date on there as well.

Speaking of keeping up-to-date you should also pop into the microchip place to let them know that your pet is missing and to make sure that your details are current. If someone finds your pet, they may contact the microchip firm first so it is best to be on top of that as well.


Step 4: Drive/ Walk Around

When you are out and about make sure that you take some time to drive around your neighborhood as well as the last place they have been. This is a great way to keep your eye out for your furry pal. You should also take a long walk about the area as well as call out their name. You could be able to spot them if you get lucky.

Creating a map can help you plan out your route so that you do not get lost as well as cover the same area. Plus, calling their name can bring them to you. Just make sure that you leave gaps in between (to catch your breath) to listen for sounds of movement. Do not forget about covering alleyways, garages, and trash heaps.

Step 5: By Your House

When you get the chance, you may want to speak to your vet about setting up a safe trap by your house. This can lure them in as well as get them safely. You should also put out their favorite toys and smells (like food) to tempt them to come back home.

Tips for Finding A Lost Dog


Step 6: Keep Going

While the process of finding your pet may be a long one it will be worth the time and effort when they are back in your arms. But you should keep at it and keep checking into vets, animal shelters, and walking or driving around the neighborhood. Also, make sure that your flyers are up and out.

Plus, send a friendly reminder to your Facebook friends that your pet is still out there. You should also find other sites like There you can post a listing about your pet in the hope that one of their users has seen them.

Final Words

Your dog is a part of your family and if they do go missing you would go out of your way to find them and bring them back home. The above steps should help you form a plan and cover the basics. However, while you are searching also remember to look after yourself and to keep calm. We hope that you find your beloved pup soon and g

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