10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Puppy

10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Puppy 2 10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Puppy

When you are struggling to find things to keep your puppy entertained and preoccupied, you no longer need to fret! There are numerous creative ways to entertain your pooch while ensuring that you are training your puppy by proxy.

It is important that you maintain a daily schedule for your pup so that they can become excited about their next activity! Utilizing productive activities will keep your puppy happy and ensure that they are working off any restless energy that may be stifling their development.



This article will outline 10 fun activities that you can enjoy engaging in with your pup. Puppy training can easily be incorporated into these activities, ensuring that your puppy does not resort to destructive behaviors due to an abundance of restless energy.


1) Sniff Out The Treat


This is a fun activity that you can easily implement into a daily schedule. You can hide some kibble around the house and simply watch your pup sniff out their favorite snack!

2) Food-Dispensing Toys

These games are brilliant at getting your puppy’s mind to develop and they will be ecstatic upon discovering their reward. Hiding a treat within the compartments contained within a food dispensing toy is a great way to engage your pup’s mind, without you needing to go to extensive effort in order to stimulate them.


3) Practice Obedience Training

Puppies adore learning new things during fun obedience training activities. Engaging in a 15-minute session of obedience routine with your pup will inherently enhance their development, teaching them the appropriate way to behave by proxy.


4) Teach Your Pup To “Go FInd”

Placing a toy in a specific area of the house and encouraging them to go and find it is an easy and simplistic means of enhancing your puppy’s mental development while keeping them entertained. This also works off a lot of your puppy’s excess energy as they run frantically around the house looking for their favorite toy!

5) Teach Your Puppy Toy Names

Of course, the previous activity will only work if you have taught your puppy the names of its toys. You should start by teaching them the name of their favorite ball and repeat this a number of times until they learn to associate the word ball with the ball itself.


6) Train Your Puppy’s Recall

Recall aka the “come” command is an incredibly important behavior for your puppy to learn during the early stage of their development. The best means of learning this is to start within your home. You can stand in your hallway and call your puppy’s name, followed by the word “come” alongside a gesture. Gradually, they will learn the command and you can offer them a treat as a reward.


7) Play A Game of Fetch

Your puppy will be enthralled by a game of fetch and you do not require an abundance of space in order for them to work off their excess energy during this activity. As they become older and bigger, you will undoubtedly need more space in order to entertain your pooch appropriately.


8) Impulse Control Activities

You should practice asking your pooch to stay prior to putting food down on the floor. You should repeat this activity numerous times until they start to understand the command. You can reward your puppy for good behavior thereafter.


9) Buy Moving Toys

Buying toys that are more mobile is a great way to engage your puppy. They will be incredibly entertained by a mobile toy that they can chase around the house and there are numerous toys available for you to choose from. Of course, you should be careful with these toys as many contain hazardous batteries for your pooch.

10) Play Some Music

Playing music and dancing in the same room as your pooch can be incredibly stimulating. They will love the energy in your movements and will want to join in, frantically running around your feet. Of course, you should be extremely careful and avoid standing on your pooch during the process, but the bottom line is this: the more fun that you are having, the more entertained your pooch will be.



To conclude, there are numerous activities that you can engage in in order to stimulate your puppy and work off any excess energy that they may have. Your dog will undoubtedly be entertained if you engage in a combination of the activities that I have outlined above. I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative. Thank you for reading.

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