Which makes GPS fence better than others?

GPS fence for dogs

GPS fences provide the same security level as a traditional underground cable fence. This article talks about the operation and characteristics of fences with GPS, thus giving the best information that solves the problem of which fence you have to choose according to the need you have.


Concept and principles of operation of fences for dogs with GPS

This wireless GPS fence uses satellites to trace the specific boundary of the terrain where the pet will be found. The boundary is considered a map of the terrain is established and updated periodically through the use of cellular technology. This is avoiding the use of a buried cable and a fixed radio signal to limit the land area.

The collar worn by the dog or pet is connected to the GPS program. This program sends an alert signal to the receiver collar when the pet approaches the terrain’s boundary. This signal seeks to correct the pet and teach it that it cannot exceed the limit that has been established.


GPS fence for dogs

Features of the technology of Fences for dogs with GPS

It should be noted that the use of fence technology for dogs with GPS is very wide Provides versatility and convenience when installing. With the use of the program and the receiver collar, the dog can be kept in a certain area.


The main features of this technology are the following:

• Wear a receiver collar, which uses satellites to mark the boundary of the terrain where the dog should be.

• A warning zone can be demarcated where the collar emits an alert sound that only the dog can hear when it is close to the established limit. Alerting the dog has where I could go.

• You can establish the limit zone of the terrain where the dog must stay. Upon reaching this limit, the collar emits a small electric shock to the dog. This is being a correction signal that is intended to teach the dog with some discomfort that it cannot cross this limit.

• This system can accommodate large areas of land and irregular shape.

• The update of the terrain map is through cellular technology.

• The main character is not to use an underground cable to delimit the dog’s area.


Why use dog fences with GPS?

This technology is generally used to keep the dog within established limits without the use of physical closures. This type of fencing saves the use of fences, where zoning laws are very strict. This fence with GPS allows the dog to go out and run freely without having a person to control its movements.

In the case of areas with extensive terrain, where the installation of a physical fence with walls, wood, or wire is very expensive, Fences with GPS can be the best option to solve the problem of keeping the dog in a safe area.

Risks When Using GPS Dog Fences

When using GPS dog fence technology, there are some risks to be aware of. Some of these risks are described below:

• Risk of aggressive behavior or fear response in the dog

An invisible fence that is effective in keeping the dog in an established area is very attractive. It is necessary to consider how the dog will react or how his behavior will be when receiving the signals emitted by the collar. With effective training, this risk can be minimized as the dog is taught to react only to the audible signal.

However, it is difficult to predict how the dog will react to the signals emitted by the collar. In some cases, they can react aggressively, fearfully, or dramatically, this can be unpleasant for the owner. What this technology aims to achieve is for the dog to associate the acoustic signal with the proximity of the boundary on the ground.

In this way, the dog avoids reaching the static signal that can trigger aggressive, fearful, or anxious behaviors. Although this does not happen with all dogs, there is no way to predict which dogs develop this behavior and which do not. This is a potential risk when deciding to use this fence with GPS.


GPS fence for dogs


• Unreliable restraint of the dog

In reality, no fence with GPS for dogs is foolproof; some dogs break the barriers due to signal obstruction. Also, if the dog has a highly developed hunting instinct, seeing a prey outside the limit becomes an irresistible temptation. Maybe aggressive dogs can go through the fence, suffering the shock and increasing their aggressiveness.

There is also the risk that the dog is so smart to drain the battery while in the warning zone, Left the area with no unpleasant consequences for the dog.


Physical security for the dog

This is not a true physical fence, so it does not offer protection against unknown animals. Another animal likely crosses the boundary causing injury to the dog.


Advantages and disadvantages of GPS dog fences


Among the advantages, it can be said that:

1. Does not require cumbersome installation that affects the time of putting in use of the fences with GPS

2. Does not require a zoning permit.

3. They are adaptable to almost all types of dog

4. It can be used in large areas of land and with irregular shapes.

5. It is inexpensive.

6. They do not use underground cables which makes their installation and handling easier.

7. This technology, using GPS-based support, can be used to locate the dog in case of loss.


Among the disadvantages we can name that:

1. These types of fences do not keep other dogs out.

2. They can cause fearful and anxious behaviors in dogs.

3. By allowing entry to other dogs that do not have the receiver collar, you run the risk of injuring the pet.

4. It has a battery that, when discharged, leaves the dog free to leave the established limit.


In conclusion, it can be said that dog fences with GPS or best wireless dog fences provide a viable solution to the problem of the dog’s escape and loss. Since these fences with GPS cannot have a physical limit, they become an ideal solution to establish limits in large land areas. These limits can be established safely and at low cost through the use of dog fences with GPS.

For these reasons, these fences make one of the most successful solutions for having the dog in the garden.

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