How Long Do Puggles Live?

puggle dog

Puggles are a very popular mixed breed dog, considered a hybrid dog or sometimes referred to as a ‘designer dog’ by some. It is a mix of beagle and pug, tending to have the color of the pug and a head that is shaped more like a beagle’s.

The puggle weighs approximately 30 pounds and stands 8 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Since it is mixed with two breeds, this accounts for the variance in height. They can be a miniature size or a small sized dog but they are well-built and solid dogs. Their bone structure is thick and sturdy.

They have fewer breathing issues that pure-bred pugs have. The short, flat face of the pug makes them become overheated very easily. They shouldn’t be outside in very hot weather or high humidity. Puggles tend to not have this issue or at least to not have the problem as severely as a pug would.


puggle dog

Pugs are not known for being incredibly active animals. They can do with a moderate level of exercise but they will also lean toward being lazy if you allow them and this can lead to weight management issues.

By mixing with the more active beagle, you may end-up with a dog that can be fine with a moderate amount of exercise but could have weight issues if you over-indulge them with their diet. Do not overfeed the Puggle and make sure that you are providing adequate exercise for them at all stages of their lives, from puppy to senior.


The Puggle has a short coat that doesn’t require more than brushing a few times per week. If you’ve been in pasture, check between their toes each time and give them a good brushing to make sure that you’ve knocked ticks off of them and any stickers that have gotten embedded between toes, in the ears, and lodged in folds of skin.

A bath should be done once every four to six weeks to keep them shiny and smelling fresh. Both the pug and the beagle can have skin issues and a muskie ‘dog smell’ if they aren’t bathed regularly.

At the same time, you may dry their coat out and give them dry skin issues if you bathe them more often than four weeks. Try using wipes made for dogs in between bathings to ensure that they are kept as clean and fresh smelling as possible.


How Long Do Puggles Live


Feed them the recommended amount of food according to the packaging that you are using. Make certain that they have proper nutrition and that the food you are using is a well-balanced formula that has solid ingredients and not too much filler. Loads of corn filler is fattening and not a good source of usable energy for them either.

You want to keep the amount of protein on the low end of recommendations if your dog is not overly active. 17% to 20% would be a good amount of protein for a dog that isn’t overly active. A companion dog, like the puggle tends to be, is usually not working and busy all day long. If that is the case, then feed appropriately.

On the other hand, if your puggle is a working service dog that goes with you all day long, does a lot of walking and moving, and stays active, then more protein might be in order.

This is something that you’ll need to gauge as he grows. Constantly check his weight and ask your veterinarian for the best weight for your dog, given his size.

Try to maintain that weight goal and add exercise in the form of walks and games of fetch in the back yard.

Supplementation is said to be a great idea when you feed dry kibble. If your dog has any joint issues, use good joint supplements such as glucosamine, vitamin E for skin, omega oils that come from fish primarily are also very important to the health of the entire body.

CBD Oil for dogs is also a good consideration for immune system support and boosting antioxidants. If you cover all of these bases, then you are giving them an excellent foundation for the best health possible, which will lead them to a long and full life.


puggle dog


Life expectancy for a puggle is in the range of 12 to 14 years, given they remain in good health. This is largely dependent upon their diet and exercise, which are often left up to you. Remember that you are the one who will have to always make decisions for them. They may live to be 14

They abut their mind will never advance much past a 3-year-old child’s mind.

If you allow them to have hot dogs every day, then they will eat hotdogs and they will get fat from them. It’s very simple when you look at it this way.

Don’t give them hotdogs. Don’t feed them things that are going to end-up taking years away from them because they don’t have that knowledge and ability to make the choice on their own. They trust you to make the best choices for them and sometimes that means you don’t get the hotdogs.

The Puggle will need yearly shots, monthly flea and tick prevention, and wormings. Some medications can take care of fleas, ticks, and worms all in one dose.

Speak to your veterinarian about the best choice for you. You’ll find that there are options in every price range to make sure that your dog has everything he needs to be healthy. This will ensure that he’s with you for the 12 to 14 years that he should average as a puggle.



They aren’t a big dog in physical stature but they have a great personality that is big. The pug is a comical little dog, often depicted in cartoons and paintings.

The beagle also is known for his personality and being a loving family pet. The combination of both in the puggle makes a loving pet that finds happiness in your lap.

Your children can play dress-up with this little dog and he will likely enjoy it. His naturally furrowed brow will seem as if he is in deep thought at all times and it is likely that he’s contemplating what mischief can be had next.

Every moment with a puggle is one to be relished and enjoyed. This is truly a fantastic mix of two lovable breeds.

How Long Do Puggles Live

Both breeds adore children and will go out of their way to seek children out in a crowd. They seem to thrive on tiny humans and the attention that they get from them. If you have children, this is a wonderful choice to have your children grow-up with.

There is typically enough pug to curb the beagle’s smelling enthusiasm but be aware that they do tend to find all of your hiding places for treats despite this fact.

The beagle loves to snuggle and have a blanket to borrow into and the pug is also one that enjoys life’s creature comforts.

Therefore, having a mix of both often leads to a lump on the sofa. Don’t worry, it is benign. Nothing to be alarmed about, it’s just a puggle … snoring … under a blanket.


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