How To Choose The Best Dog Treats For Your Pet

Choose The Best Dog Treats For Your Pet

 Pet obesity is a growing phenomenon worldwide, leading to compromised health and diminished life quality for your furry pals.

Owners may not be aware of it all the time, but the treats they give their pets play a vital role in maintaining a positive impact on the animal’s long-term health, not just for the short-term.

Humans should be aware that treats are delightful supplements to a pet’s diet and should not be overdone.


Choose The Best Dog Treats For Your Pet


It might be hard to curb your excitement sometimes when feeding your puppies or dogs, especially if they react in a cute and cuddly way when being fed.

Thus, it’s just natural that owners should be aware of what they’re feeding their pets. Were the treats prepared in a healthy way or have ingredients that are easy to identify?

You can start with these inquiries when rethinking of buying goodies for your dogs.

Here are more tips to further help you choose the best dog treats for your furry pal.


1. Choose Longer-Lasting Chewable Treats 

Treats that take a long time to chew, such as bully sticks, are great to give to your pet. Not only does the treat leave them preoccupied with a longer-lasting chewable, but it also lets you properly monitor how much food they’re consuming.

Thus, such a treat helps reduce the risks of overeating, which can lead to obesity. Besides, chewable treats turn into a game session for your pet and become a welcome distraction when they’re preoccupied for a while.


2. Pick Odorless Treats

Your pet may enjoy the taste of a treat but not necessarily the smell. Just as you probably won’t eat food that smells off, neither would your pet. Providing odorless treats mean your pet doesn’t get put off before even trying the treat.

You don’t have to worry that your pet isn’t receiving their required nutrition because they keep refusing to snack.

Sometimes, they do want to eat, but the smell just turns them off. Test your dog’s smelling capability with this type of goodies until you find the brands that they’ll like.


3. Try Treats With Different Shapes 

Just like humans, dogs also appreciate visual appeal, even with their food. Make snacking enjoyable by giving your pet some differently-shaped treats for a change.


Choose The Best Dog Treats For Your Pet


You can try snacks that are ring-shaped, twisted, or bone-shaped. Switching it up eliminates monotony for your pet, leading to losing interest with the repeat snacking routine.


4. Experiment With Flavorful Treats

With so many variants of dog treats available in the market today, you can also experiment with giving your dog some bite-sized kind packed with food flavor.

It’s to test their taste for it, and for you to see if the new treat might encourage your pet to savor it in its entirety.

These flavored treats include variants that taste like chicken, beef, and even peanut butter. It’s advisable to test each flavor first to see which ones your pet would appreciate.

Make sure to switch up flavors once in a while to avoid monotony for them.


5. Include Nutritional Treats 

If you’re a health-conscious pet owner, your dog could be one, too. You can opt for treats with certified organic nutrients rich in vitamins A, C, and E to sustain your pets’ sight and immune system.

Treats with real meat are good to give your dog, but there are also those that don’t contain gluten, wheat, or artificial coloring and flavors. You can even try low-calorie treats containing omega-9.

There are also treats with calcium and fiber, which are good options as they support your pet’s dietary system.

Veterinarians recommend dental treats, too, as they help dogs have clean teeth and fresh breath.


6. Infuse Treats As Meal Additions

Transitioning food types could take a while for dogs to warm up to, so it’s best to be creative when you want to wean your dog from one kind of food to a healthier type.

You can try infusing the new ones as meal additions if your dog doesn’t warm up to them as solo snacks. You can use edible ring types of treats and place dog food inside the ring before putting it in their feeding bowl.

However, you must monitor if such a combination works for your pet. Some smart dogs would discover the treat first and only snack on that, while others may just eat the dog food and leave the ring treat.


7. Have Fun With Treat Dispensers

Treats that can be put in dispensers are fun and a great way to enhance mental stimulation for your pet. Most dispensers don’t allow treats to be easily wasted or spilled out.

Made from safe and durable materials, these options are entertaining and offer hours of play through an interactive experience.

Treat puzzles are also a new way to engage pets. The ability to change puzzle difficulty levels further promotes mental stimulation and growth in your dogs by promoting problem-solving skills.

Plus, since your dog is entertained while eating, there’s no big chance of overeating or over-snacking.


8. Give Medicinal Treats Occasionally

For aging pets, medicinal treats could be given occasionally to boost their health system. Most of these types contain a combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, organic turmeric, omega fatty acids, and MSM.

These elements are often suggested for strengthening hip and joint bones and tissues, and are sometimes found in supplements for alleviating arthritis and joint pains.

Those rich in omega-3 fatty acids also help keep pets’ fur shiny and lush while boosting their immune system.

These medicinal treats are often recommended by veterinarians to support a dog’s structural integrity and connective tissue.

They’re also soft for easy chewing so that older dogs won’t have a problem with them.



Various factors go into the process of purchasing the best treats for your pet. It’s best to buy the ones that are chewable, odorless, come in different shapes, flavorful, and nutritional.

It’s essential to invest in your dog’s health by researching the best pet treat product providers.

Keep in mind that your dog’s taste preference is a determining factor when picking out the best treats. Always monitor their preferences as these can vary and change over time.

Make sure to purchase your pet treats from recommended and verified suppliers only to avoid risking your pet’s health.

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