The Importance of Freshwater for Dogs

Importance of Freshwater for Dogs

Being a dog fanatic, you might be spending a lot of time with your dog.

You don’t mind seeing your best friend pant, sweat, and salivate when you are out there jogging.

The saliva and sweat coming out will evaporate to keep the dog cool.

But you must understand that all that water needs to be replaced. The best way to do this is to provide clean and fresh water to your pet.

Water is the most important nutrient that you can provide to your pet. Water is very important in the body for it to perform optimally and for all organs to remain functional. So what are the benefits of freshwater for your dogs?


Let’s find out.


Why is water important to your dogs?


Water makes about 60 percent of the body weight and mammalian cells are composed of more than 70% water. This means that water is the foundation of all the tissues in the body and is very important for optimal body function.

In pets, water benefits go beyond cell activity. Water contributes significantly to joint lubrication to reduce the chances of tissue issues. It improves the sense of taste and smell and helps eliminate toxins and waste products from the dog’s body.

Water is very important in cooling the body. One of the main reasons why animals take water is to hydrate the body. The body is very likely to lose water during the evaporation and body cooling process. The dog’s skin and coat also rely on good hydration to function and maintain the standards.

Water is needed to normalize blood pressure. High Blood pressure is a serious condition for your pets. It’s actually one of the deadliest conditions that veterinarians deal with. Unfortunately, high blood pressure is asymptomatic meaning that the dog might not show any symptoms or signs. Giving your dog enough freshwater can reduce instances of high blood pressure in your dogs. [1]


How much freshwater is enough for your pet?

You can provide water to your pets either through diet or drinking. There are many wet dog food brands out there that provide enough water for your pets.

However, when providing fresh water to your dog through a bowl or a pet water fountain, it’s very hard to determine how much freshwater is enough for your dog. Though, there are several factors that affect the amount of water a dog needs.


The Dog’s Size and Breed

Every dog will take water until the thirst is quenched but the size and the breed can determine the amount of water that the dog will take. Veterinarians recommend a dog taking 30ml of water per pound of the body weight. This means that if the dog weighs 50 pounds, it should take 50 ounces of water every day.


The food consumed


The amount and the type of food consumed also play a prime role. This is a concern depending on whether the dog has consumed wet or dry food. If the dog consumed wet food, he’ll generally require less water. If he consumed dry food, then he might consume more water.


Nursing Dogs


Nursing dogs have increased nutritional needs. They typically have to drink enough water to provide the required milk to the puppies. As a matter of fact, nursing dogs consume 2-3 times the amount of water consumed normally.


The weather


The weather is also very important when determining the amount of freshwater to give to your dog. In hot climates or summer, the dogs require three to four times of water. This is actually the time when you need a dog water fountain.


Pet Water Fountains


Pet water fountains might sound like a fancy luxury but it comes with its own benefits to your pets. Firstly, pet water fountains will keep your pet’s water cooler than typical bowls.

The water might get two or three degrees cooler which is refreshing enough for the dogs to drink. Furthermore, most pet water fountains have a small filter located in the motor made of carbon to remove impurities from the tap water.

This means that pet water fountains remove the debris, dirt, and hair from the water making it safe for the dog to drink.

Most pet water fountains can hold more than three liters of water which can reduce the need to refill the bowl from time to time. This is a benefit to you and your pets especially if you have larger dog breeds. Fountains work for both dogs and cats.

Lastly, standing water is a breeding area for mosquitos, bacteria, and other pathogens. Pet water fountains keep the water circulating keeping it safer and healthier for your dog.


The market is flocking with different pet water fountain models that you can buy today. However, when buying, consider factors such as the ease of cleaning and assembly, the cost, and the water-filtering capabilities.

Some pet owners might equally consider the capacity, noise, and durability. Moving on, the material used to make the pet water fountain is equally important. Choose the one made of stainless steel and ceramic but you should be ready to pay more.

Some models such as PetKit Eversweet 2 smart Fountain lets you offer clean and cooler water to your pets. The model is less likely to burn the motor when it runs dry. Try other models such as Hagen Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Dog Drinking Fountain for big dogs. It’s the perfect model if your dog drinks a lot of water.


You probably spend enough time with your pet and if you notice that she looks wobbly and seems disoriented or if she doesn’t drink enough water, it’s time to contact your veterinarian immediately.

The veterinarian might consider IV fluids to restore hydration which quickly minimizes chances of organ failure. Always make sure your dog drinks enough fresh water. As much as you need to provide enough water to your pet, make sure it’s clean, cool, and fresh. Using Dog water fountains is one of the easiest ways of providing clean, fresh, and cool water to your pets.

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