Labradoodle And Its Facts For Dog Lovers


Labradoodle is a type of crossbreed dog that is created by crossing the standard, toy, or miniature poodle with the Labrador retriever.

If someone has canine dander allergies, then it is considered a good choice for those people. This is not a breed itself, instead is a cross between two dog breeds.

Therefore, in the early generations of hybrid puppies, their characteristics are not predictable. The variations could be in terms of temperament, size, and coat.

So, it can be said that most Labradoodles might share common characters. But, their behavior and appearance can be hugely variable. Labradoodle Home is all about such facts that will help you understand more about these dog types.




Why was this breed created? 

The Australian breeder Wally Conron decided to make this breed between labrador retriever and poodles, where the former is mainly known for its eagerness to please, loyalty, and trainability.

Whereas, the latter are known for their hypoallergenic coat. It didn’t become popular early on but surely did after a while. It became one of the most popular dog breeds in the western world.

They serve as guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and family pets in various households.

This dog’s hair can range from soft to wiry, can be wavy, straight, or curly. Some of them do shed hairs, but not that much. Also, possess less dog odor in comparison to Labrador retriever. To maintain a healthy coat, regular brushing, cutting, and bathing are necessary.




Some facts only Labradoodle lovers will know

1. They come in different sizes

They are not pure breed dogs rather are designer dogs. Due to this, there are more variations in their sizes and looks. It could be small in size or as a long breed of cocker spaniel or the brooder collie.

The size of the Labradoodles depends upon the size of the parental breed, in a particular size of the Poodle. The reason for this is, that the Poodles come in different sizes such as Standard, miniature, and medium.

A mini labradoodle can weigh up to 15 to 25 pounds, a medium might range from 30 to 45 pounds, while a standard Labradoodle can weigh around 65 pounds.


2. Are one of the cutest puppies

The plush coat, the cutest eyes, those expressive and adorable eyes, can you resist that look? Well, I surely don’t think so. These dogs are bouncy and playful, also are adventurous by nature, and loves to cuddle. They are the type of lap dogs with whom you could cuddle even after they get quite big to fit.


3. Comes in a variety of colors

On Labradoodle Home, you will find out that these dog breeds are available in a variety of colors be it from silver, red, black, cream, chocolate, a mix of hues, or apricot color. Also, its fur can range from sporting curly, straight hair, wiry, to some wavy coats that are its popular style.


4. These dogs will keep you super active: 

Many people use fitness watches and applications to stay fit, but if you have a labradoodle by your side, then you don’t need any of those. These dogs require a lot of walks, also a run in a big park or backyard.

Therefore, if you live in an apartment, it can be a little difficult. These are some of the finest dogs to enjoy a jog with, also remember to let them stretch out their legs without a leash, once you are done.

Allowing them to exercise more along with you is beneficial, as the more you keep them engaged in such activities, the lesser destructive they are at home, when bored. Moreover, these dogs need stimulation as well as company.

They are teddy bear-bodied animals with an intelligent mind. Henceforth, loves to check out new locations, sights, wants to play games, and wants to enjoy everything with you. However, if you have long working hours, remember to hire someone to pet them and walk them, so that they get all the attention needed.


5. Training with them is super fun

As both the parent breeds that are labradors and poodles are well known for their intelligence, therefore it’s of no shock that these dogs are highly trainable.

They are always enthusiastic to learn and also when they train, it keeps their mischievous side under control. As you wouldn’t want your labradoodle to hopping and leaping over everyone including dogs with uncontrolled excitement, right?


6. They don’t shed much

There is nothing such as a truly hypoallergenic dog, but Labradoodles are close to it. Most of them usually have a curled coat that does not shed much.

Now, as they shed less than most types of breeds, fewer allergies, and also fewer hairs on your furniture and carpets.

Their coats are quite dreamy ranging from cream to sable to apricot color. However, are all not the same. Its coat type varies from a fleece coat, straight hair, wooly lamb, and loose curls.

No matter whatever is the coat type of your dog, each one of them would need occasional trims and a lot of brushing for them to stay fresh. Moreover, brushing helps in bonding with your cute labradoodle.


7. They are amazing therapy dogs: 

On Labradoodle Home, you will find out that they have a loyal, warm, and loving personality which makes them best suited as therapy dogs for people with depression, autism, physical disabilities, and anything else that makes anyone sad.

Moreover, it also can be used as amazing guide dogs for blind people. One interesting fact here is that these dogs were originally bred for this sole reason only.

These were some of the most unique facts about Labradoodle. Other than that, these dog breeds are natural swimmers and can give you company even in the deep waters, are a great family dog as can quickly become an essential member of your family in no time because of their gentle nature yet filled with immense energy. To learn more about them, go and visit Labradoodle Home today.

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