A Compressive Guide To Understand All The Nitty-Gritty Of A Mini Hippo Dog

A Compressive Guide To Understand All The Nitty-Gritty Of A Mini Hippo Dog 2 A Compressive Guide To Understand All The Nitty-Gritty Of A Mini Hippo Dog

Are you familiar with a dog breed named Mini Hippo?


There is nothing to worry about because not many people know about it. Mini Hippo is one of the latest designer dog breeds gaining huge popularity with every passing day.

The dog is a cross between Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel, so you can expect to have the characteristics of both of them.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to studying this dog breed and, in this article, we will discuss all the nitty-gritty of Mini Hippos that should be known to their owners before buying them.

Let’s get the ball rolling:


A Compressive Guide To Understand All The Nitty-Gritty Of A Mini Hippo Dog 3 A Compressive Guide To Understand All The Nitty-Gritty Of A Mini Hippo Dog
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What Is Mini Hippo Dog Breed?

We can define the Mini Hippo dog as a cross between Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel. However, no one knows about the origin of this breed. The dog has a wrinkled head and shoulders, and these traits came from the parent Shar-Pie.

Other than that, this breed is also known for having a gentle face, and it is due to the other parent Cocker Spaniel.

Mini Hippo can also be called a Cocker-pie because of having cute appearance and kind face. The best thing about this dog breed is that you can take the breed anytime for a walk, and Mini Hippo will certainly turn heads around.


Cocker Spaniel


How Big Do Mini Hippo Dogs/Cocker-Pie Get?

It depends on the dog’s growth, but you can expect the dog to be around 18 to 21 inches. As far as the weight of the breed is concerned, it weighs approximately 40-65 pounds.


What Are The Most Basic Temperaments Of Mini Hippo Dog?

As we have discussed earlier, the Mini Hippo is a cross between Chinese Shar-Pei and Cocker Spaniel, so it is hard to visualize the temperaments of this dog. Luckily for us, we know about both parents of this breed that can tell us about all the good genetic factors the dog processes.

The Mini Hippo is a dog that is extremely popular for having good and social nature, like a Lycan Shephard. Do you know what is Lycan Shephard? It’s also a dog breed that is protective, loyal, playful, and aggressive at times.

One of the best things about Mini Hippo is that it can get along with pets and other kids without any hassle. Intelligence is associated with this dog breed because of the fact that Chinese Shar-pei is one of the two parents.

On the other hand, the Mini Hippo dog can be extremely stubborn and aggressive, and the loyalty of this particular dog can trigger the feeling of jealousy which is why we won’t recommend you leave the dog for quite some time.

The Mini Hippo can be considered as your next family pet because of having playful nature. There is absolutely no doubt that this breed is caring and social; however, it is still calm and a little bit independent as well.


Mini Hippo Dog
Credit: Lindsey&KyleLandfried https://www.pinterest.com/ljl2012/


It is relatively easy to train this dog breed; however, you don’t have to control it as if you are controlling a Shar-pei.

Many homeowners would love to have this breed as their next family pet because they don’t bark a lot. So, if you live in an apartment complex, there is nothing more ingenious than having Mini Hippo as your dog.

But make sure you don’t leave this dog alone for a reasonable amount of time; otherwise, you will have to see the stubborn nature of the dog.


What Is the General Appearance of Mini Hippo Dog?

As far as the general appearance of Mini Hippos is concerned, the head looks a bit smaller as compared to Hippos which is why they have given the name Mini Hippos. However, this breed is extremely friendly and adorable.


mini hippo dog
credit: http://www.gooddog.com


If we talk about the coat of this dog, it is significantly soft, silky, and straight. There are three types of coats, and we are going to discuss all of them:

Brush Coat

The Mini Hippo dogs with brush coats are known for having silky and velvety texture. The overall length of the coat will be less than an inch.


Beat Coat

The Mini Hippo dogs with beat coats are known for having a wavy and smooth texture. The overall length of the coat will be more than an inch.


Horse Coat

The Mini Hippo dogs with horse coats are known for having a rough texture. The overall length of the coat will be around ¼-inch.


What Is The Nature & Behavior Of Mini Hippos?

We have discussed earlier in the article that Mini Hippos have a very friendly and social nature, and they are popular because of the fact that they like playing with other pets and children.

You can expect this dog breed to provide happiness to the whole family members. There is no way you should leave this dog alone for a significant time because they want to live among the family members.

Mini Hippos have a bipolar behavior that inherited from both of their parents

You can ask as many experts as you want, and you will get to know that this dog has independent nature; however, sometimes, it can become stubborn without any reason.

They don’t bark a lot, but when they feel uncomfortable, they will start barking, which is an indication for the owner that the canines aren’t very happy. You should also expect this dog breed to be barked at strangers coming inside your place.

Jealousy can also be associated with Mini Hippos because they are extremely possessive of their owners. That is a significant reason you can expect this dog to guard your house with all of their faith and loyalty.


What Kind Of Training Do Mini Hippos Need?

As compared to other dog breeds, it is relatively easy to train the Mini Hippo. As Cocker Spaniel is one of their parents, so you can expect them to love learning new things every time with the owner.

Mini Hippos are generally very cool and calm, and this trade came from the Shar-Pei parent.

Rather than training them for a longer time frame, we recommend you start their training in shorter sessions and follow the positive reward for better results.

It is always ingenious to provide stretching leg exercises to this dog breed to make sure it remains fully active. You can also take this dog to the park where the breed can play different games with children.


How Big Do Mini Hippo Dogs Get?

When we talk about fully grown Mini Hippos, you can expect them to be grown between 13 and 20 inches tall. As far as their body weight is concerned, it can be less than 20-pounds to more than 60-pounds.

We expect you to be aware of the fact that the American Cocker Spaniel is smaller in size, so you can expect this breed to be smaller as well.


What Diet Do Mini Hippos Dogs Need To Follow?

You have to be very conscious of the diet of this dog breed and make sure you don’t feed more than twice a day. Rather than feeding a lot, we suggest you only provide a high-quality diet to see your dog growing in the best possible manner. Kibble with fewer by-products and more meat can be the perfect diet for your Mini Hippo.


What Health Issues Do Mini Hippo Dog Usually Experience?

If you want to have this dog breed as your next family pet, we suggest you be prepared to take great care of it because there are seasonal allergies associated with Mini Hippos. Corn and wheat are two things they are allergic to, so better avoid these foods.

One of the major health issues of this dog breed is that their ears get affected every now and then, which is why it is essential to clean them to stop getting infections. Cherry eye is an issue of the eye that is very prevalent in this dog breed.

In this particular condition, the third eyelid starts bulging from the eye socket, and the ultimate result would be surgery. Cleaning the eyes of Mini Hippos can help them avoid any irritation or infection.

A tooth infection can also be there, so it is a wiser option to brush the teeth of your Mini Hippo regularly.


How Long Do A Mini Hippo Dog Live?

The average life span of this dog breed is around 10 to 15 years.


Do Mini Hippo Dogs Shed?

Just like any other dog breed, Mini hippos will shed their coat. However, they don’t shed a lot like other dog breeds, and the shedding will only be seasonal. Spring or fall are two of the seasons where you can expect them to shed for a couple of days.



If you are looking for a family pet that has loyalty and friendly nature, you won’t find a better dog breed than a Mini Hippo. This particular dog breed will help you enhance your overall lifestyle as well.

We suggest you only bring this dog to your place if you can afford to spend a good enough amount of time; otherwise, leaving this dog alone is not an option at all.

We are certain that you have enjoyed reading this article, and this detailed guide has helped you understand everything you need to know before having Mini Hippo as your next family pet.

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