Your Guide to the Presa Canario Dog Breed

Presa Canario Dog Breed

If you’re in the market for a good guard dog and are wondering “What type of dog should I get?”, the Presa Canario could be the dog for you.

The Presa Canario dog breed is one of the most intelligent, loyal, and protective dogs you can find.

They were first bred to protect farm animals in Spain and the Canary Islands, and their loyalty and love run deep. That is why now they are more popular worldwide for their protective behavior.

This dog could be a perfect fit for your family, but the more you know about it, the better suited you will be to make the right decision about buying the Presa Canario.

So if you are still considering buying a Presa Canario dog this article will help you out about understanding the nature of Presa Canario dog. Start reading right here to get a complete guide on the Presa Canario dog breed.


Presa Canario Dog Breed


The Presa Canario Dog Breed Basics

If you are a dog lover you might be aware of the characteristics of mastiff dog breeds.

Every dog breed has different characteristics the Presa Canario is part of the mastiff dog breeds. It has many similarities to the mastiff, but several personality characteristics set it apart. So let’s discuss the characteristics of Presa Canario breeds


Natural Leaders

Bred as a guard, defense is a core part of this dog’s personality. They will fiercely protect their own and are wary of strangers or possible threats.

They are intelligent and willing to be trained.

As a Presa Canario owner, it’s important to establish your alpha status upfront. This breed will step in as leader of the pack if it senses hesitation or an opportunity to lead.

For these reasons, this breed is not recommended for beginner dog owners. If you do adopt one, it’s vital that you train your Presa Canario.

Size and Appearance

Yeah just like you have imagined Like the mastiff, the Presa Canario has a large, boxy head and a broad chest that gives it a deep, strong bark.

It ranks among the biggest dog breeds with a final weight of 80-100 pounds and measuring 21-25 inches in height. It has a short coat of fawn or brindle (indistinct stripes) fur and usually a black mask on its angular face.

Energy to Spare

Presa Canarios have lots of energy and need a good walk or jog every day to keep them content and healthy.

A bored Presa Canario will resort to chewing your furniture to get its exercise. It’s also recommended to provide this dog a fenced backyard to help it burn extra energy.

Also, keep your dog busy in training to co-exist with another man, to do that, do daily exercises with him and give him a little reward every time he does something good such as a little meal of his favorite little toy whatever he likes this will help him in understanding that pleases its owner So he will do it again happily to pleases you.


Low Maintenance Grooming

This breed does a good job grooming itself and sheds very little. It’s important to brush their coat once a week to keep their fur glossy and clean.

As an added bonus, Presa Canarios drool considerably less than their mastiff counterparts. Therefore you do not have to worry too much about your dog maintenance



A healthy Presa Canario can live 9-11 years. Like many large dog breeds, they often suffer conditions such as hip dysplasia, obesity, and heart disease in later life.

There are other health issues that you should also know such as  gastric dilation volvulus which is a fatal condition for any large dog When this happens, the stomach becomes very large and filled with air

Having a pet demands  proper care just like humans, you should seek medical treatment immediately  when you notice symptoms some the symbols include


Restless, Stress or Anxiety, drooling look and dislinking of the abdomen

To keep Presa Canario fit and healthy, 3O minutes walk would be good for him in Morning and evening.

These breeds have big size and surely got a big appetite, therefore, they should be needing 25OO TO 3OOO calories every day, you can figure it out according to your schedule how to put it in the morning, afternoon, or night

Before you buy your big dog be sure to ask as many questions as possible from the breeder about its health, characteristics, and anything that comes to your mind.


Presa Canario makes excellent family pets. They have love to spare and an innate need to protect. They are well known for keeping the house peaceful and stable

They can be good with other animals if they have been introduced early on, but if the dog hasn’t been given good socialization as a puppy, it may be better as an “only pet.”

If you have very young children, you may wait for them to get a little bigger before adopting a Presa Canario. These dogs can be unpredictable and may not respond well to little grasping fingers.

Therefore it is better to train them well to be adjusted with others easily to avoid any mischief.


The Presa Canario: Bred to be Loyal

Now Presa Canarios are well-known for their strong energy and intelligence. these breeds are loved by everyone because of their intelligence and behavior to be adjusted with other animals too.

The Presa Canario gives you a friend that is joyfully complex and completely safe as long as you know how to handle them. Doing your homework before adopting any dog is crucial, and our website is here to help

Now if you are thinking of introducing a new canine companion into your home even if it is for safety or whatever the reason is we hope you get everything you need to know about the Presa Canario dog breed through this article

We offer several resources, including behavior and training tips, nutrition, and dog health advice. Make sure you check them out today!

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