How to Show Your Dog You Love Them

Dog lover

Dogs truly do become your best friend if you bring one home with you. They’re so loving and a lot of fun to be around.

You can rely on them to be there for you if you’re feeling low and need cheering up.

They will always be excited to see you when you walk through the door and will wait patiently for you to return when you leave.

As your dog shows you so much love and loyalty, you must let them know you love them just as much, and here are a few ways for you to do that.


Dog lover


Treat Them to Some New Toys

Dogs love to play with toys, but they wear them out quickly. After all, dogs just love to chew! If you want to give your dog something special, treating them to some brand-new toys to play with is one way to do that.

Some of the best types of toys to give your dog include balls, retrieving toys like disks, squeaky and plush toys, rope, and floating toys. If you want to really enhance playtime, why not opt for food dispensing toys instead?

Or you could take it one step further and buy them some interactive toys. You can find some great dog puzzles online that will challenge your dog and sharpen up their cognitive skills. Some even combine their puzzles with the food dispensing idea. When they complete the puzzle, they get a reward in the form of a treat.

When shopping for these gifts, you could take them to the pet store with you so they can pick out a toy themselves! It’s always nice to get a gift, and your dog will enjoy this just as much as you do.


Give Them a Massage

Think about how nice it feels when you book into a spa and treat yourself to a full-body massage? All of your troubles melt away, and those aches and pains are soothed.

This will feel just as great for your pet pooch after a long day of running around in the park or if they seem agitated and need soothing. Don’t worry, massage oils and incense aren’t necessary!


Make Time for Them

Dogs don’t just want food, water, and training from you; many just want time. Unlike many other pets, they demand a lot more attention, and sometimes this can be forgotten when we are leading such busy lives.

Quite often, many dog parents can find themselves taking their furry friend for granted. Therefore, if you want to show your dog some more love, just take some time every day and spend it with them.

While you may have lots of things in your life, to your dog, you are everything, so show them some love back. There are multiple ways that you can spend time with your dog.

Simple acts such as taking them out for a walk, playing with them and their new toys, and giving them a massage are perfect. Even just sitting together in front of the TV or while chilling out reading a book will show your dog how you feel.


Dog lover


Tasty Treats

A simple way to show your dog some love is by giving them a few delicious dogs treats to enjoy. These natural dog treats are incredibly tasty and the perfect way for your dog to indulge.

Just make sure you’re not doing this too frequently so your dog can maintain a healthy weight, and always invest in quality, nutritious dog food to help keep their diet balanced as well.

If you want to take care of your dog’s teeth and gums, buying a few dental chews for them would be useful, too.


Talk to Them

Although dogs don’t speak the same language, many do believe that they can understand us, our words, and our emotions. Most pet parents would agree with this, especially when they use the words “treat” or “walk.”

Dogs will react to words like this. Even if your dog can’t understand what you are saying, you are giving them attention by talking to them, which is everything to them.


Have a Cuddle

This is a treat for both of you! There is nothing better than coming home from a long day and settling down on the couch with a good movie, and doing this with your pet dog is the best.

Having a cuddle together, whether it’s in bed or on the couch, is a lovely way for you both to display some affection and relax.



Grooming isn’t just about maintaining your dog’s appearance and reducing painful mats of fur; in fact, it can be a great way to bond the two of you. Dedicating some time every day at the same time can be a soothing activity for both of you, and the end result will mean your dog feels a lot more comfortable. Taking the time to help them with this will undoubtedly make it clear how much you love them.

It is important to note that not all dogs will like this, so this might not be the best approach for your pooch when showing them some extra love.


Go for a Hike

Dogs love to get out and go for walks, but some breeds need more time outdoors than others. If you have a bigger dog that requires a lot of exercises, why not take them on a day-long hike at the weekend?

It’s a great opportunity for you to get some exercise yourself, and to escape into nature for some fresh air and an adventure together. Even smaller dogs will love a day out!


Give Them Their Favorite Food

Just as we get excited about eating our favorite dishes and look forward to them, so will your dog. By surprising them with their favorite food occasionally, it will enable you to show your love in a simple yet effective way. It can be a great way to help them celebrate their birthday or a special occasion, such as the day they came to the family.

If you want to show your dog just how much they mean to you, try some or all of these things. They’ll have the best time and you’ll make your bond even closer.

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