All You Need To Know About A White Pitbull

White Pitbull

Do you remember the famous 90s cartoon show called Tom and Jerry? Ofcourse you would have seen it in your childhood days. Most often, Tom used to get beaten by a dog called Spike. Do you realize what breed it was? Well, to your fascination, it was a white pitbull dog.

This breed is very popular and holds many controversies in the hub of Pitbulls. By the name, you would have got the idea that it is covered with a white colored furry coat, giving him a unique identity.




Due to the bulldog’s blood-related history and physical appearance of bulldog’s people intimidate to petting them. There is a strong image of Pitbulls being aggressive dogs which are why even dog lovers sideline this breed. But when we look at the white pitbull dog, we see that it has another story connected. In this article, we will be discussing everything related to a white pit bull. If you are a new dog owner, then don’t worry at all because you can visit here to know all about dog training.

Let’s get introduced to White Pitbulls

As mentioned above, it is one among the variety of pitbull breeds. It is quite a rare breed where the furry coat is full of white hairs but no albinism in it. He is much more attractive due to his skin pigment and colored eyes. But before we lead further, let us know a fun fact.

The breed pitbull is derived from the mix of two dogs, i.e., bulldogs and terriers. Popular Pitbulls breed commonly found, such as American Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, and American bully dog.

Today maximum people use Pitbulls for gaming and fighting abilities because they are great in competition and performances. But if a white pitbull is compared, you will observe something else because he is a loyal companion. You can call it a nanny dog because they are reliable and fond of keeping babies around.

White Pitbulls Appearance

To understand what a white pitbull looks like, we will see through the different features mentioned below:


  1. Built – No doubt you may feel the look of a white pitbull as intimidating as normal Pitbulls. It is quite solid in appearance with a well-defined muscular structure. The body is powerful and more related to an athletic dog. The muscles are also absolutely perfect without being heavy or bulky in any spot.
  2. Size – It is generally a medium-sized dog of about 18 to 22 inches long, and the average weight comes to around 36 to 60 pounds. Even the tail is a thick medium length which is quite wide at the base and slightly narrow on the tip.
  3. Head Structure – White Pitbull dogs generally have a medium-looking, proportioned face with a broad skull. His ears are half-pricked shaped and located high on the head.
  4. Eyes and Nose:The eyes of white Pitbulls are usually oval-shaped and available in different colors. You will observe hazel, brown, black, and even red colored eyes in white Pitbulls. But if you see any other colors or blue color specifically, then it is believed as a breed defect. Similarly, the nose is also seen in black to blue, chocolate, and red. At the same time, the absence of pigmented nose is faulty.
  5. Furry Coat – Usually, the coat furs are wiry in texture, glossy and smooth. The white Pitbulls have slightly mixed colored coats along with the domination of white. Also, there may be little light patches of black or brown hues. People call it a Moo-Moo pitbull because it mirrors a cow.

Rare Feature of White Pitbulls

The white pitbull is considered the rarest dog in the whole pitbull community. The major reason is not the color but its health issues. They are the most adored and questionable breed. If you find them with little color mixing and marks, then get the fact clear – it is not a rare one. But the white pitbull having no traces of secondary color other than white is called a rare white pit bull.

Another question with the white Pitbulls is whether they have blue eyes. Crystal blue eyes are most admired in Pitbulls. You will see Instagram posts filled with those eyes. No matter how enchanting they see, they are not considered healthy dogs. It is seen as an eye disease or faulty breed.

Distinction of White Pitbulls among other breeds

It is quite easy to understand that the White pitbull owns a special place among the rest of the Pitbulls due to its white coat. The appearance is strikingly awesome and depicts its beauty. But even if we keep the coat apart, it is also different in some aspects. This breed is highly sensitive to sunlight and unique in its genetic creation. It is very important to keep them away from all kinds of skin and food allergies.

As per some reports, the white coats of this breed are also synced to congenital deafness. This happens because the cells enabling hearing and pigmentation arise from a single-cell source.


White Pitbull as Good Family Dog?

In major situations, it is seen that White Pitbull is the least aggressive dog as compared to golden retrievers, beagles, and even corgis. The talk of a pitbull being just an over-aggressive dog is just a myth that arises from its appearance. You will see the white pitbull as the softest animal if the owner is right. They are the most social animals who are super friendly and loyal. They love to be around family and other people. That’s why they are bad at gatekeeping but good at the nanny job.



Therefore the White Pitbulls may have a distinctive white coat but don’t go just by its color as his temperament is playful and colorful. There may be some misunderstandings related to the pitbull clan but don’t worry. This article must have cleared all your doubts. White pitbull is like a huge teddy with a lovely appearance, and he will surely win your heart.

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