Beautiful Dog Breeds: 15 Awesome Facts About Dachshunds


It’s estimated that there are about 900 million dogs in the world today. 73 million of those dogs leave in the U.S. An estimated 42 million homes own a dog in the U.S. as well.

Are you one of the millions of dog owners in the U.S.? You might be the pet parent to a lovable dachshund.

Dachshunds are really interesting dogs, and this guide will provide some facts about dachshunds you might not know. Keep reading to learn more.




  1. They Have Great Personalities 

Despite their small stature, dachshunds have large personalities. They’re very affectionate and playful.

Dachshunds are also known for their loud bark. Hearing their bark alone, you might think it’s coming from a much bigger dog. Dachshunds will alert you when any danger comes your way, the mailman included.

Dachshunds make great family pets. They have the energy to play outside with the kids all day long.


  1. They Were Bred to Hunt 

Next on the list of fun facts about dachshunds is that they were bred to hunt. A small wiener dog might not be the first image to come to mind when you think about hunting dogs, but they were great at the job.

The dachshund was specifically bred to hunt badgers. Their short logs made it easy for them to crawl through the dens where badgers made a home. Their strong personality and fearlessness also made them the perfect candidate to take on these animals.


  1. There Are Two Sizes of Dachshunds

While most people think of the smaller version when they picture a dachshund, there are actually two different sizes. Breeders of the dog created the standard and miniature size.

The standard version can weigh as much as 35 pounds. These were the dachshunds bred to hunt badgers.

Miniature dachshunds will only weigh up to 11 pounds, but they’re typically smaller than that. The miniature version is the one most commonly seen in the U.S.


  1. They Have Roots in Egypt 

Ancient Egyptian history is one of the most fascinating time periods. Ancient civilizations in Egypt created beautiful monuments and pyramids considered to be the top wonders of the world.

Another cool fact about dachshunds is that they have roots in ancient Egyptian civilization. Historians discovered many ancient Egyptian engravings of short-legged dogs similar to the Dachshunds of today. Archeologists also found mummified remains of these dogs at Egyptian burial sites.


  1. They Come in Many Different Colors 

While dachshunds only come in two sizes, they make up for it in the many varieties of colors of dachshund dogs you can find. You can find 15 different colors and 6 different marking combinations in the breed, to be exact.

Black, tan, and red are some of the most common dachshunds you’ll see. You can also find black and cream-colored dachshunds, black and tan, and chocolate-colored and tan dachshunds.

Some of the different combinations of markings include brindle, piebald, brindle piebald, sable, and dapple.


  1. Dachshunds Love Burrowing 

Did you know that dachshunds love burrowing into any comfortable place they can find? If you haven’t seen your pup in a few minutes, make sure to check your bed or your hamper filled with clothes. You might even have to pull your dachshund out of a sweater sleeve from time to time.

Since dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers in their underground dens, this explains why they like to burrow. It also explains why they enjoy digging holes. Let them out in the mud, and your dog will have the time of their life.


  1. They Were the First Mascot for the Olympics

Next on the list of interesting facts about dachshunds is that they’ve made Olympic history. No, they haven’t won any gold medals, but they were the first mascot for the Olympic Games.

The 1972 Olympics took place in Munich, Germany. During one of the organizing committee’s early Christmas parties, guests used crayons and clay to try to come up with the games’ first mascot.

The dachshund’s long history in Germany made it the perfect choice for the mascot. The dachshund’s athletic skills as a hunter and their courage in taking on the badger were another sign that this was the right choice for the mascot.


  1. The Breed Has Three Kinds of Coats 

 Besides size and color combinations, dachshunds also come in a variety of coats. The three kinds of coats you’ll see on a dachshund are longhaired, smooth, and wire-haired.

Smooth-haired coats were the original dachshunds and the only ones in existence for some time. They’re still the most popular style of dachshund today.

Smooth dachshunds were most likely bred with other dogs to create the other two coats.


  1. Dachshund Isn’t the Only Name for the Dog

Other fun dachshund facts include a long list of names used to refer to this type of dog. Some popular nicknames, specifically in the U.S., include Doxie, wiener, and sausage dog.

While dachshund is the official name in the U.S. and England based on the dog being part of the hound group, Germans refer to this breed as the badger dog. This name is used because of the dog’s origin in badger hunting.

Dachs Krieger and Dachs Kriecher are other German nicknames for the breed. These translate to badger warrior and badger crawler, respectively.

Sosis, Perro Salchicha, and Takca are a few other names used for the dachshund worldwide.


  1. They Were a Royal Favorite

Did you know that dachshunds were considered royalty at one point in history? Well, at least to Queen Victoria, who reigned over Great Britain and Ireland in the 1800s.

Victoria lived with dachshunds during her time as queen and was very affectionate toward them. Queen Victoria is responsible for the dachshund’s rise in popularity in England and its continued popularity in the country today.


  1. Dachshunds Love to Eat 

If you’re thinking about getting a dachshund, you should know a little more about their personalities and behaviors first. One thing dachshunds are known for is their hearty appetites.

Despite their small stature, these pups can eat a lot more than their small bodies should be consuming. This is one of the reasons why obesity and joint problems are seen so much in this breed.

As long as you provide ample opportunities for exercise and cut back on the treats, your dachshund should be able to live a happy and healthy life.


  1. They’re One of the Most Popular Breeds 

Since dachshunds have an early history in Germany, they were often used to represent Germans in the propaganda used during the First World War. This image led to a decline in the breed’s popularity.

The dachshund was even officially renamed as the badger dog by the American Kennel Club for some time. Despite this troublesome history, the dachshund could reclaim its spot among the most popular dogs in America.

Today the breed is owned and loved by people around the country. If you have your own dachshund, you should check out Petventures for gifts you’ll love.


  1. Dachshund Races Exist 

It looks as cute as it sounds. You can experience it for yourself every year if you’re interested in seeing all kinds of dachshunds racing against one another.

These dachshund races first started in the early 1970s in Australia. Today you can find them in countries around the world.

The Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals were inaugurated in Southern California in 1995 and have been going strong every year since.


  1. They Were the First Dog Cloned in England

Another cool fact about dachshunds is that they were the first dog cloned in England! This is still a new kind of technology, but scientists are working hard to bring it into the mainstream.

An award-winning dachshund named Winnie was 12 years old when her owner, with help from a team of scientists in South Korea, had her cloned. The two dogs had the same marking combination and the same crook in their tail; the resemblance was truly impressive.


  1. They Live a Long Life 

Another wonderful fact about dachshunds that you’ll love to hear, especially if you have one of your own, is that they live long lives. A dachshund named Chanel lived to be 21 years old. At the time, she held the Guinness World Record for the oldest dog.

Although not all dachshunds live to that age, many make it to their late teens.

Facts About Dachshunds You Should Know

There are many fun facts about dachshunds you should know. They have fun personalities, and that’s what makes them one of the most popular dog breeds today.

Did you learn new and interesting facts from this article? If you did, make sure to check out some of the other pet blogs on our site.

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