Get Rid of Fleas: Tips and Reasons They Keep Coming

Get Rid of Fleas

Before you check flea exterminator prices, investigate the cause of their appearance. No matter whether the infestation is mild or severe, fleas might ruin your plans for a peaceful life and are a threat to your beloved pets. It is not that easy to get rid of them, so it is better to avoid getting them in the first place.


Why Do Fleas Appear Indoors?

There are numerous reasons why you might have fleas in your house. The most obvious is your furry friends. However, don’t blame your pets since there might be lots of other factors. An adult female flea can lay 50 eggs in a day.

Considering that a flea leaves on average 100 days, you can imagine the number of eggs lying around your house. Like Easter eggs, they are carefully hidden. The main sources of fleas are:

  • Pets. Animals are still the No 1 flea transmitters. If you fed several stray cats or dogs, you might have found your source of fleas. Feral animals that wander around your yard are not that safe either.
  • Warm and humid climate. If you live in a humid climate, in a place hidden from direct rays of the sun, you need to keep an eye on fleas. Shaded spaces of your yard can already be infested. If there is a dog house outside, there might be fleas as well.
  • Transmitted by humans. Fleas can be transmitted by human beings without getting noticed. If you slept in a hotel or somewhere outside, you might carry an egg on your clothes.
  • Fleas can hide in the grass. Once you walk past them, they can climb on your boots, so there is a risk to get them in the house.


How to Find Fleas

Once you notice one flea, there is a chance that you already have many of them in your house. It is important to check all the carpets, bedding, both yours and of your pets, furniture, sofas, and shaded places in the house.

Use a vacuum cleaner and get under your bed, behind it, and even above it. Fleas can jump around the surface and hide in the cracks in walls and bed frames. They can hide in your blankets and sheets. Many of them know how to stay still, unnoticed, and live without food for many days.

Check out every spot for small black or dark-brown spots, the so-called “flea dirt,” the products that fleas leave after them. This dirt is a mix of feces and blood. Usually, it is visible, unlike fleas that are fast to hide. Larvae feed on this mix. So, if you notice this “dirt,” don’t leave it there.


Getting Rid of Fleas

There are different cases you have to consider. For severe infestation, no matter whether it was caused by a dog or you, call the pest control. You will likely have to leave the house for some time to let professionals clear the area.


Cat and dog fleas’ cause

The first thing you need to do once you notice a flea on your cat or dog is to get rid of it. Take the comb and inspect the coat looking for larvae, eggs, or adult species. Take the soapy water in the bowl and wash your pet with it. There are lots of shampoos from fleas that you can use. It is also recommended to buy a specific collar to prevent fleas.


Fleas at home

The first thing you have to do once you notice the traces of fleas is to clean your apartment thoroughly. You have to wash all the fabrics as well. No matter whether you found the pests in the bedding or curtains, you have to deal with them as fast as possible since fleas like to hide their eggs everywhere in textile. Don’t forget to wash and vacuum the bedding of your pets.

The next step is to take every family member out of the house and turn the furniture upside down. The legs of your bed, sofa, and table might be the places where fleas hide. Wash them with soapy water or use chemicals if you don’t have children and pets around. Make sure that you don’t miss a spot.

Vacuum the entire territory, reaching even the darkest corners you usually avoid. It is recommended to use different washing products. If you have carpet, try to rub it with soapy water as well. Make sure the water is warm. After you are done with it, get rid of the vacuum bag if you used it or wash it under hot water.

Vacuuming also helps larvae to rise from their cocoons, sucking them ahead of time so that they die outside. You have to repeat the deep vacuuming procedure every ten days. As for the usual cleaning, don’t hesitate to do it at least once or twice a week.


Fleas in the yard

Your yard might be a perfect hiding place for fleas. At the same time, fleas can jump on your socks or boots anytime you least expect them. They can simply climb into the fur of your pet. To find out whether there are fleas in the yard, you can wear long white socks and move slowly around the territory. If your socks are covered with “flea dirt,” fleas, or eggs, in the end, you have to call pest control.


Heavy Flea Infestation

When it comes to a heavy flea infestation, there are no doubts about what attacks you and where the hazard comes from. You already see the problem, and fleas might even have bitten you. In severe cases, you have to get rid of your mattress and buy a new one. You have to discard and destroy the bedding of your pet as well. Hot water might not help in the hard cases. You have to wash the new bedding every day for one month to make sure that there are no fleas. Use sprays against fleas if you need them. However, it’s better to call pest control in case of severe infestation.


Life Without Fleas

Even though it might not seem this way now, there was a life without fleas, and you can go back to it. Use preventive measures; check the house for flea infestation. If you see them, start with a thorough cleaning.

Apply hot soapy water and change your bedding. You can always use chemicals if nothing else works. A severe infestation requires professional help. Call pest control and explain your situation to experts in the field.

Make sure to eliminate all the fleas in your house, including larvae and eggs. Repeat a deep cleaning procedure for the whole month, and your house will be free from this menace.

Fleas might be small and almost invisible, but they are dangerous enemies to have in your house. We recommend you pay close attention to your pets after every walk. If you notice something suspicious, you should act immediately.

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