The 5 Best Sites for Custom Pet Art 2021

Custom Pet Art

Your pet is your friend, maybe even as close as family.

Showing your scaly or furry friend love and appreciation through custom pet art is not unusual.

After all, people have been commissioning paintings of others and of themselves forever. Pet art is a beautiful way to decorate your home or keep the memory of a late pet alive.

Different styles of pet art tell different stories. By choosing the best story, you can bring your pet’s personality out on canvas.

Having a final product that delights can be worth all the time and effort spent looking for a great site for custom pet art.

Still, it’s helpful to have someone willing to save you this time and effort, and that’s just what this article does. Here is a review of the top 5 custom pet art platforms and providers. 


1. Etsy

Unsurprisingly, the list starts with THE online marketplace for custom art. The best thing about it is that you have innumerable artists and art styles to choose from. Simply scroll through and check out the different pictures.

Some artists make not only custom pet portraits but also pet clothes, pet jewelry, and more. Once you choose an artist to work with, you can talk to them about what you want and check-in to see how it’s going once in a while. This will ensure you’re satisfied with the end product.   

Etsy is US-based and people outside the US cannot use this market. It is one of the best and if you’re living in the States, Etsy should be your first priority in buying custom pet art. It hosts hundreds to thousands of buyers and you can choose your custom pet merchandise with ease on this platform. 


2. Paint My Pooch

Enter pet portrait paradise! You’ll be instantly drawn to the range of different options available to create your own modern-style pet portrait. The process is super straightforward, choose a size, background color, and font before uploading your pet’s image. Add a digital version to receive a copy of your portrait sooner and save it as your phone background or share it on social media.

Paint My Pooch Pet Portraits offers a range of different pet portrait products including posters, framed prints, and phone cases. Shipping times are very reasonable and portraits arrive securely packed and ready to fit seamlessly into your home. The attention to detail in the final portrait is exquisite and it’s not hard to understand why hundreds of customers feel the same way!


3. I Love Paws

The biggest advantage of I love paws is the simplicity of how it works. All you need to do is upload an image of the pet. The artist assigned to your project will create an illustration and transform it into an exquisite pillow, blanket, portrait, or tote bag.

The choice is yours. You’ll get the perfect item because they also let customers choose the pattern and background color. Another advantage is the speed. On average, projects are completed within three days of placing an order.

The site offers unlimited revisions, but if you request one, it may extend the timeline. It is a great feature to have, if you dislike the art, you can get it revised to your personal preference anytime you want.


4. Crown & Paw

This website offers an interesting and unusual online service – it creates pictures of animals in a costume or an outfit chosen by the customer. The animal doesn’t physically need to be dressed.

You choose the clothes on the site and then upload a picture of your pet. Among the outfits available are astronaut suits, school or sports uniforms, camouflage clothes, navy jackets, and wizard robes.

The final product will be a depiction of the animal in the costume of your choice. You can choose from a huge library of costumes and background designs to fit your style. 


5. Animalist.Art

As the name suggests animalist. art, it couldn’t be clearer what the website is all about. You can buy a ton of pet art or have it customized your way. The artists working for this website specialize in abstract pet art.

The first step is choosing your pet breed, then the desired size, color, and design of the portrait. Finally, you can add the name. Shipping is free no matter where you live. 

The customizability on this website is outstanding and you can choose from a plethora of custom designs and add your text and pictures on it to create amazing custom pet art that will compliment your home.


6. Canvas Pop

A final choice is a great option for those who can’t afford a specialized portrait artist. Canvas Pop is an online service that lets customers create customized and unique pet portraits at very affordable prices.

All you need to do is upload a picture, and they will promise to transform it into art. The majority of image sizes will work. You select one of the suggested colors, styles, and sizes. Then, you wait for your unique and beautiful print.

The artist will work on creating a print preview. Then, you’ll get an email with the digital print. You can ask for changes. If none are needed, you reply that you approve the print.

The designers work with very high-quality materials, such as fade- and water-resistant canvas of museum-level quality. The borders of the images are in your color of choice. The frames are stretched over a wooden frame that’s 2 cm deep.

Portraits come in three sizes: 51 cm × 51 cm, 41 cm × 41 cm, and 30 cm × 30 cm. They are delivered within a few days of approval of the digital print. 


Why Order Custom Pet Art?

Many people choose to order pet art because they want to give a friend or loved one a unique present. Using artwork is an easy way to give someone the perpetual joy of admiring their animal.

Actually, you don’t even need a specific reason to order pet art. It’s a beautiful memento that will make a lovely addition to any home. Many designers will let you select a size, so you can check to see if it will fit on your wall or any other space.

The main part of creating custom pet art is taking out the time to creatively provide images and get amazing pet art done for you through any of the websites mentioned above.

Custom Pet Art can be a cute part of your home too if your decor is according to it. The dogs playing poker art is one of the most famous paintings of all time. So take a look at the stores above and get yourself a customized pet art piece.

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