​​Family Friendly Dog Breeds: Considerations and Recommendations

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 For parents that grew up with dogs, there are few moments as emotional as introducing a new loveable canine to the family.

A family dog can be a child’s best friend, teach responsibility and compassion, and be a warm partner on chilly evenings.

If you are contemplating adding a new dog to your home, then have a look through our family-friendly dog breeds for more information.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family Dog

Rather than sticking with the breed you know best, it is worth considering various other factors before pinpointing the desired pet.

How you live, where you live, and your kids’ age can be equally as important as your new furry friend’s size, temperament, and energy level.


Age of your children

Getting a puppy is a milestone moment for any family, but it is crucial to consider the age of your children for how the dynamic of introducing a new pet into your home will work.

For example, while some giant breeds are excellent with children in general, toddlers can be easily knocked down when they come in for a friendly cuddle.

Conversely, some smaller breeds can be hurt if a younger child plays too rough.



The size of a dog comes down to both its height and its weight. The dog breed size you choose is best matched with the size of your home, yard, and your ability to transfer your pet in your car.

The dog’s sheer size also typically equates to the amount it will cost to feed, which an astonishing amount of people fail to realize until it’s too late.



Some dog breeds adore children, whereas others are far more skittish and wary of tiny humans.

While you should also consider the individual animal and its unique personality, certain dog breeds are undoubtedly more family-friendly.



If you are an active household that loves heading to the beach at every opportunity or going for long walks in the woods, then you are best to look for a dog with an equally high energy level.

If you feel your family will be more likely to spend time cuddling with your furry friend on the couch binging on Netflix, then it is best to be on the lookout for an equally easygoing dog.

Breeds that need a lot of energy or companionship will become destructive and bored if not stimulated sufficiently.


Care and Grooming

Certain dog breeds shed significantly less than others, while some require daily grooming. Some of the cutest, fluffiest dog breeds require regular trips to professional groomers every six to eight weeks to maintain their distinctive look.



It is likely common knowledge that Malamutes and Huskies prefer cold weather. However, many other breeds shy away from sweltering weather as well. For example, short-snouted dog breeds or brachycephalic breeds struggle to cool off when temperatures rise, quickly becoming dangerous if not sufficiently monitored.



Many pet owners vastly underestimate the cost of owning a dog throughout its lifetime. Indeed, there is the initial purchasing or adoption fee; however, many people fail to consider all other expenses involved in being a responsible dog owner. Pet insurance, food, toys, and vet checkups can add up. In addition, you may need a boarding kennel if going away on holiday or a dog daycare service if working full time or out for the day. Take all of these various expenses into consideration when isolating your preferred breed.


Top 10 Favorite Family-Friendly Dog Breeds to Consider

We have discussed some of the best factors to contemplate when on the lookout for a new addition to your family. From massive, slobbery beasts to fluffy little canines, there are a myriad of different options. We have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite family-friendly dog breeds to consider, so have a look below and see which would fit in best with your family.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It’s hard to get any more darling than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Their loveable eyes could make anyone’s heart melt. This breed is lively when needed but also makes a fantastic lap dog or foot warmer.



Cute, loveable, a best friend for life, a beagle can make an ideal pet for families willing and able to offer round-the-clock attention. They will happily sleep curled up on your child’s bed, but are also cunning escape artists, so ensure your yard is adequately fenced.



Weiner dogs, sausage dogs, doxies, whatever you want to call them, dachshunds are brilliant family dogs. The standard size is more robust for playing with children, and the wire-haired variety has a loveable, clownlike character and needs minimal grooming.



Coming in giant, standard and miniature sizes, schnauzers are excellent for children. They are equally happy to run around the garden as they are to snuggle up and watch a television show. A trip to the groomers will be needed every few months to keep the typical schnauzer appearance.


Labrador Retriever

Labs have remained a top choice for families for decades due to their excellent nature with kids and friendly demeanor towards other pets. However, Labrador Retrievers are best for active families that intend never to miss a chance to exercise since bored puppies will indeed become destructive.



Like the Lab, Newfoundland is another breed initially from Canada. If you are on a search for a giant dog, then the 150 or so pounds of a Newfoundland might just fit the bill. Add a lot of fluffy fur and this dog looks quite imposing; however, they are very docile and patient and love nothing more than nannying their children.



Those that discount a poodle oftentimes have never spent much time with them. Without the distinctive poodle trim, they look like entirely different dogs. The standard variety is fantastic family dogs if you are interested in a larger breed. While you will be happy poodles don’t shed, they will need a trip to the groomer every other month.


Golden Retriever

When anyone thinks of the classic Hollywood pup, we are confident that the Golden Retriever is often imagined. They are intelligent, playful, silly, and energetic, making them fabulous for families with plenty of kids. However, they will require a high degree of physical activity and best for households with at least one stay-at-home parent.



A bulldog might not be cuddly, and they may have a face only a mother could love, but they are loyal through and through.

They require minimal exercise and are happy to laze in the sun but are best in mild climates due to their short snout.



The Boerboel is a mastiff-type breed originally from South Africa that was bred to defend large plantations and their families from lions and other beasts.

Combined with their prominent appearance, they might seem like a typical family-friendly pet; however, Boerboels make excellent family dogs.

They are loyal, lovable, and wonderful with children, though they are best for an experienced dog owner that can cope with their guarding tendencies.

 Never underestimate how quickly your puppy and your children will grow.

Be sure to set a reminder on your calendar and take a happy snap of them maturing into lifelong friends. It will be a timeless treasure that you’ll always hold dear.

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