How to Keep Cats Out of the Garden


Are you looking for practical ways to prevent frequent and unwanted feline visits to your garden? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

We all understand that it’s pretty painful to witness your heavily cared garden ruined by frequent cat visits, especially if you are a true gardening lover.

However, you don’t have to worry because our comprehensive guide will discuss practical methods to stop local cats from entering the garden. Remember, cats are cute little creatures, and we do not encourage any activity or step harmful to cats.

Instead, we will discuss some easy methods that make it impossible for cats to visit your garden. Here are some of the following easy and effective methods to deter cats from the garden.




Basic Cleaning

In the first step, you have to fully ensure that your garden is properly clean and there is no food waste, cat poop, toys, or anything in the entire garden. You need to ensure that bins are empty and there are no potential hidden places for mice as cats often come after mice.

Create a Rough Ground

Apart from basic cleaning, it’s also advised to use a chicken wire on the top layer of the soil or keep it under the mulch. You need to provide an uncomfortable surface for your feline friend to walk. You can also use stones and pebbles to keep the cats out of the garden as they try their best to avoid these places.


You will be surprised to know that keeping cats away from the garden has become simple and easy with special cat deterring plants. Some specific plants are discouraged by cats, such as the scaredy cat plant, coleus Canina, plectranthus canina, and many others.


All these plants that we have discussed earlier contain a cat-repellent scent. Remember, these plants are safe for humans and cats, so don’t worry about any risk of harm as they are just discouraged by cats. You can also try plenty of other plants to keep the cats away, such as lemon thyme, lavender, pennyroyal, garlic, rosemary, etc.


Many well-maintained gardens use eggshells to deter cats due to their pointy sharp edges. Unfortunately, eggshells aren’t much effective in deterring cats and can easily break them while crumbling under their weight. However, Eggshells can be used to deter kittens due to their sharp edges, but we do not recommend them alone to counter this problem. To counter this problem, you can combine Eggshells with plenty of other methods discussed in this article.

Motion Activated Water Sprinkler

We all know that most cats often hate to get unexpectedly wet and usually avoid revisiting the place. You can try motion-activated water sprinklers on the corners of your garden. This device automatically shoots the bust of water upon any sense of movement in the nearby area. It’s one of the most effective and non-toxic solutions to keep the cats away from the garden.

Homemade Sprays and Natural Oils

It’s one of the most well-known remedies to protect the garden from cats. According to our information, you can try some homemade garlic sprays and natural oils from smelly plants like garlic to deter cats. However, these sprays have a very short lifespan as UV rays, and exposure to fresh breezes make them ineffective within a few days. You can use these sprays continuously for 1-2 weeks to break the habit of unwanted visits by feline friends. Remember, some specific ingredients are highly toxic for cats, so do not use them in making these homemade solutions.

Cat Deterrent Products

If you don’t want to try a homemade solution due to time management issues, buy some effective cat deterrent products from the market. These products also use the same ingredients discussed earlier, such as garlic and some essential oils. Usually, these cat repellents are much effective for a short time only as the smell quickly fades away due to UV rays and extreme outdoor temperatures.

Remember, some excellent online platforms offer cat-related products such as cat repellents, pet hair removers such as DELOMO pet hair remover roller, brushes, and many others. Whether it’s a cat repellent or any other relevant product, always buy the products from authentic pet stores to ensure they are not harmful to cats.

Get a Loud Dog

Another effective and entertaining way to prevent unwanted cat visits in the garden is to have a loud and lively pooch in your garden. Whenever a cat tries to visit the garden, the furry friend will be ready to greet her with a loud bark, and the cat will be scared to revisit the place. You can search more about specific dog breeds for this purpose. Remember, not every dog breed can be used for this purpose; make sure to talk to any expert having good knowledge about dog breeds before taking this decision.


Last but not least, it’s a popular solution to declare your garden as a human-only space. There are different types of fences available such as roll bars that discourage the cats from walking along the fence. Apart from cats, roll bars are also an excellent option to prevent neighboring dogs from hopping the fence. However, it’s a little costly as you have to cover the entire garden with a fence. Ensure that fencing does not pose any risk of physical harm to cats as each fence is designed for a different purpose.

The Bottom Line:

We hope our comprehensive guide will be helpful for you to prevent the cats from visiting your well-cared garden. We also understand that it’s painful for gardening enthusiasts to witness their garden getting ruined by cats. Despite all the anger, do not scold or punish cats for their behavior because animal protection laws strictly prohibit this practice. You have to play smart and try these easy cat deterring methods that we have thoroughly discussed in this guide. If you have any queries, you can comment below.

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