7 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats in 2020: Buying Guide

Cat Trees for Large Cats

All cats enjoy sleeping above the ground level, scratching, and climbing.

However, you may find it challenging to find the right model for your furry friend if it is too large.

These creatures need a stable and reliable product, so most cheap, poor-quality ones you can find on the market nowadays won’t fit at all.

Your large pet deserves a strong and robust cat tower that can stand its jumping and climbing for cat.

You should pick out the adequate model depending on the number of kitties you keep in your home and their sizes.

So, let’s find 7 best cat trees for large cats in 2020.


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Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

1. FEANDREA Cat Tree

By purchasing this model, you will get outstanding value and real luxury for your big beauty. This model features sturdy supporting poles wrapped with sisal rope for scratching. Three tall perches and condos placed on the top are covered with the impressively soft and cozy material your cat will adore.


  • It looks lovely and fits the most decor
  • You can pick out dark or light grey product color
  • The base is sturdy and well-balanced, so it will stand firm without the danger of injuring your cat
  • Excellent accommodation for three cats


  • It is complicated and time-consuming to assemble

2. New Cat Condos Premier Cat Tree

You won’t have any trouble assembling this cozy cat tree, and your kitty will enjoy comfort and convenience. The product is constructed from solid wood with long-lasting and high-quality household grade carpet wrapping all the surfaces.


  • Sisal rope is thick, and your cat won’t be able to destroy it for long
  • It is a highly comfortable and stable product
  • You can buy this tree at an affordable price


  • The top area is not sturdy enough for too large cats
  • You will have difficulties to move this heavy model

3. Molly and Friends Sleeper Cat Tree

This elegant, 37 inches (0.9 m) high beige sleeper cat bed and the scratch post doesn’t take up much space. Therefore, it will suit you perfectly if you live in a smaller apartment. Thanks to the minimalistic design and elegant shade, it will fit almost every home decor.


  • Sisal rope is thick and natural
  • It features two comfy perches for resting
  • This product can withstand the weight of very large cats
  • Solid construction made of environmentally-friendly material is safe for your kitty


  • Since the carpet is not strong enough, your cat will probably tear it off quickly

4. Aeromark International Amarkat Cat Tree

This lovely, 73 inches (1.85 m) high, cat tree condo can safely accommodate multiple cats weighing up to 80 pounds (36 kg).

The base made of pressed wood features a hammock bed, enough hiding spots, and sturdy ropes for scratching. Your kitty will adore soft and cozy faux fleece material wrapped around the wood.


  • It provides enough spots for playing and resting
  • Your cat can sleep peacefully on this tree without the risk of injury
  • Ten different scratch posts and seven sleeping locations are at your cat’s disposal
  • The product comes in six colors


  • Assembly is a bit confusing, so you won’t finish the job without following instructions carefully

5. FurHaven Tough Cat Tree

Thanks to the cute house condo, multiple platforms, and a comfortable perch, this cat tree is ideal for your large kitty.

The manufacturer uses sisal rope to wrap all scratching posts, making them practical and useful for a few cats. Included puffy hanging ball, IQ box, and a dangling rope will keep your kitty intellectually stimulated.


  • The tree features super cozy covering
  • It comes in a few color options to match your home decor
  • It is an inexpensive product
  • Easy to assemble and maintain


  • Since one perch sits at an angle, you won’t be able to place the tree next to the wall

6. Feline Lotus Cat Tower

With modern lines and comfortable spots for resting and climbing for cats, this sturdy, 69 inches (1.75 m) high cat tree is an ideal choice for your large baby. Plus, soft cushions covered with washable faux suede make the bed on the top comfy and cozy.


  • The structure designed of plywood with oak veneer is sturdy and safe for your kitty
  • The faux suede cover and Velcro-attached carpet are easy-to-clean and maintain


  • It is an expensive model
  • Assembly is a bit complicated and requires adequate tools

7. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you have a few large cats and enough space in your home, you should choose a 72 inches (1,82 m) high cat tree condo. With 15 levels, it is an excellent option for resting and climbing.

Thanks to clear instructions, you will assembly this attractive model without any problems. There is enough sleeping space covered with soft faux fur and several hiding spots convenient for all cats you have.


  • This product has plenty of scratching surfaces wrapped with sisal rope
  • You won’t have troubles to maintain this easy-to-clean tree
  • It is affordable


  • Some customers claim that the plywood construction is not sturdy enough


All these cat trees are comfortable and highly suitable for your large kitty. However, it seems that FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats is the best model you can find on the market.


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If you don’t mind complicated assemble, this luxurious tree with sturdy supporting poles wrapped with sisal rope looks lovely and fits the most decor. Three tall perches and condos placed on the top are excellent accommodation for two to three sizable cats.

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