Adopting a Puppy: What to Do Before, During and After

Adopting a Puppy

Adopting a puppy is a huge responsibility. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before deciding to bring home one.

However, seeing a puppy making a cute gesture or simply just taking a nap is hard to resist. Perhaps this is the main reason why many people end up being fur-parent before they are ready to be one or before they know how to prepare.

If this is the case, don’t give in to temptation taking home a puppy when you feel like you are not ready. Assess your situation. Ask yourself if you are ready to take the risk. Learn if you are ready to have a puppy, and it is important to know where and how to get on responsibly. 

If you are ready to take the responsibility of being a fur-parent, here are some things that you need to do before, during, and after adopting a puppy.

Before Adopting a Puppy

Adopting a puppy can be a bit overwhelming. Not just for yourself, but also for the people around you. Here are some things that you need to know before bringing home an adopted puppy to your house.

• Research

According to many experts, it is a smart idea to browse the world wide web first before adopting a puppy. Search about which breed to get that will best fit your lifestyle before going to any shelters. Experts also suggest getting a rough estimate of how much budget you may face when you bring your puppy home. Take into consideration the cost of vaccines, license fees, and the supplies your puppy needs.

• Prepare Your Home

Just like getting ready for a baby, it is always a good idea to clean and organize your house before getting a puppy. Assess your house and move away from items that might be dangerous to small and curious puppies. You might want to pick up small items that can be chewed easily, such as loose screw and lego pieces. 

• Check Shelters

Once you are done picking out the perfect breed for you, it’s time for you to look for a shelter. Experts from yourpuppyfl recommend you get a puppy from a reputable shelter that offers a convenient and easy way to adopt a new puppy. Florida is one of the states that offers puppy delivery for the convenience of new fur-parents. 

During Adoption

• Connection with Other Pets

Before getting your newly adopted fur-baby, many shelters ask families if they have a pet in their house and if they can bring them to the center. It is for these pets to be familiarized with the new addition to their family. It is some sort of a meet and greets, a policy shelter done to ensure that there is a connection between two animals to avoid any unnecessary issue in the long run. 

• Connection with Humans

When you are at the shelter picking out your next best fur-friend. It can be hard to decide which one to get. It can be easy for some, as they have set their mind and heart to a specific breed. However, there’s going to be a lot of cute puppies getting your attention. To help you decide, don’t be deceived on how they look. Go for the puppy where your heart takes you. 

• Ask Questions

Feel free to ask any questions about your new puppy. You may ask their background, health history, or the story of how they ended up in the shelter. It is a good idea to ask these things, according to some experts, as it will be helpful once you left the shelter and give you some insight into any behavior issues.

• Paperworks

Make sure that all your papers are prepared so that you may bring home your new puppy on the same day of your visit. Incomplete paperwork can delay a pet’s release for a day or more if it’s not complete. Ensure that your leasing requirements are ready. It is usually the type of document that prevents new fur-parents from getting their puppy on the same day. To avoid any hassle, get your paperwork done.


Cute Puppies

After Adopting

Here are some tips on what you should do after adopting a new puppy.

• Breather

Moving to a new house can be stressful for your newly adopted puppy. Some dogs may feel different and show signs of stomach upset and diarrhea. If this occurs, don’t force your puppy to do anything in your command. Let them explore your house first. Be patient. According to veterinarians, it may take a few days and even a month before a dog settles into their new environment. As a parent, make sure that your puppy feels safe and show your dog all the affection and care that they need. 

• Train Your Puppy

It is better to train your puppy in the early stage of their life. Giving them obedience training is a simple and easy way to teach them the proper way to behave. It also creates a connection and bond between you and your pet. There are lots of resources available online. If your adopted puppy is not listening to you, be patient. Don’t get mad at your dog for not following you. It’s just like having a child. They’ll soon understand that they need to take instructions from you. 

• Dog Essentials

Make sure that you already have all the necessary things your newly adopted dog needs. If your puppy is accustomed to the food the shelter gives, continue feeding the same food and mix it with the new one you want your pet to eat. Do not change their food abruptly. It will only cause diarrhea. As per your puppy’s toy, buy only the thing that is appropriate for their age. Check any labels if it contains hazardous materials or if it has choking hazards. Remember that toys can help them adjust easily. 

• Visit the Vet

According to veterinarians, you and your newly adopted puppy should visit a vet within the first week of having them. It will allow them to give the shots and boosters they need and assess your puppy’s overall condition. Just like a human being, your puppy also needs checkups and the best health care. 

These are just some of the things you need to know and consider when deciding to adopt a puppy. Remember that this is a big responsibility. Once you have decided to have one and you feel like you are ready to become a fur-parent, do the best you can do with your puppy. Love them with all your heart as they will do the same in return.

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